Follow Friday: Don't be a Steem-hole

in #steem11 months ago

Hey, hey, it's Friday! More than that, it's my last working day of 2019! Where did the time go? Just a few days to Christmas with a bit of time to be with the family. No doubt I will eat too much, but I will try to keep running to compensate. I will try to do a run-down of the year at the end of the month. Meanwhile, Steem is up again. It is hovering around 14c with good volume whilst other coins are down or flatlining.

For some reason the term Steem-hole came to mind this week. I am sure it has been used by others, but for me it means someone who goes against what is good for the Steem platform. None of us is perfect (me especially), but you see behaviours here that may be selfish, bullying, or just plain anti-social. Steem is a 'social blockchain'. Here are some things that may make you a Steem-hole. I will not name names, but these things are not hard to find.

  • Buying votes. This used to be a lot more common, but hardfork 21/22 incentivised people to vote more organically as they could earn better from it. There are still a few vote sellers around, but posts using them are much more likely to get downvoted. You can argue that buying votes is a form of promotion, like buying an ad on Google, but in that case you do not directly profit from the ad. If you want to do this then decline rewards and earn when people support your other posts. In any case many of the posts (and comments) with paid votes get little interaction, so it is not working as promotion.
  • Big self-votes. This may be controversial, but I think your post rewards should be determined by other Steemians. You can still earn by voting for others and spreading the rewards. The worst cases give themselves a dollar or more when they could make more than most of us do without it. You can find smaller cases where they upvote all their own comments and may leave it late to try and avoid being found out. That is especially cynical when they give the original post a smaller vote.
  • 'Circle jerks'. What counts as this can be subjective. Many of us will support those we know, but there are some who just do that and ignore anyone else. You get ten full votes each day and that should be enough to spread around.
  • Spam. This can be posts or comments or even wallet spam. If you are making the same comment everywhere you will just annoy people. That can be marketing some product or just writing 'Nice post'. If you are upvoting those then you deserve any downvotes you get.
  • Rage quitting. I have seen a lot of this lately where someone gets caught out doing some of the above and then does lots of posts saying they are powering down and leaving. That may include slagging off whoever downvoted them. Downvoting is not 'violence', 'manslaughter' or the act of 'nazis'. It is generally curation and only affects your reward and possibly reputation. If this is happening then you may want to conside why others consider your actions bad.
  • Not interacting. This may be considered a lesser 'crime', but if you rarely comment on the posts of others or respond to those who comment on your posts you will not build your following. Remember I said it was social.
  • Downvoting everyone who ever upset you or who supports things you do not like. There are lots of accounts with little SP doing this, but I ignore them. It may put off new users who do not realise it has little effect on them.
  • Bullying. If you are using your Steem power to actively drive people away from Steem you are doing us no favours. When I downvote it is only to remove unearned rewards or sometimes to discourage spam. I do not relatiate or downvote posts which do not fall into those categories. It is fairly easy to be anonymous on Steem and bullies will often try to hide who they really are.
  • Pissing people off. I may be guilty of this through my efforts to deal with mis-use of the platform. Some people take it very personally. Generally I try to get along with people and point them in a positive direction, but comments can be taken the wrong way, especially with language and cultural differences. If someone does not respond well then it may be best to stay away from them.

Feel free to disagree with these. I have been discussing Steem with someone who has given up on it on reddit. I do not know their Steem name. They said I could be considered to be circle jerking as I get lots of automatic votes, but I never ask for those and have no reciprocal agreements with anyone to do so. Okay, so I do get SBI votes because I bought or was bought shares, but that is a minor part of my rewards. I very rarely self-vote. I did a couple of times this year after some downvote attacks, but even that felt wrong.

You can see here I am spreading my votes around. I do upvote most comments on my posts, but not always those from bots. I want human interaction.


Of course this is a #FollowFriday post, so here are some people I do not consider to be Steem-holes.

  • is posting about how he went from athlete to 'lazy fat-ass' and back again.
  • @northwestnomad posts comics at least once a week. They tend to be geeky, but that is right up my street.
  • @journeyofanomad is a new Steemian who you can guess is into travel. I hope to see more posts from him.
  • @quoththeraven is also new and an artist of 'erotic art'. Bear that in mind if you opt to follow him. He is one of several people I found via re-Steems by @slobberchops who is actively seeking out cool new Steemians.
  • @noloafing is a 'curious engineer'. I might apply that label to myself too.

Feel free to make your own suggestions in the comments or a #FollowFriday post of your own. I may be the only one using this tag, but I will keep doing these anyway.

Steem on!

The geeky guitarist and facilitator of the 10K Minnows Project.


Thanks for posting this. I'm new and still figuring out how everything works. I didnt actually consider/understand how Steem all works when I upvoted all of my own posts (actually, is there a way to UnDO a vote so I can fix that?)

Also, I have a friend I'd love to drag into Steem, and I don't remember what all I did to get myself in. You say you have accounts to give to worthy people (he's a joyful supporter of musicians and creatives and has incredibly amazing ideas - like, any time I play a new song for him, he gives me back the scenes that played out in his head while listening? I think it would be a travesty if more people didnt get a chance to read the visual outpouring of his mind). Is your method... simpler? Fairly straightforward? Something you'd bee willing to walk someone through?

Thanks again ^_^

I'll admit I voted for my own stuff when I started, but then my vote was worthless. I'm more against those who give themselves dollars.

Anyone with enough resource credits can create accounts. This is related to your sp. I've done it for a few people. I just have to send them their keys and then it's up to them to change them. I can't do it today as I'm away from my PC, but could after Christmas.

Hm. Okay. Yea, let's maybe chat after Christmas then, and thank you.

And yea, I kinda figured my previous self-voting might be okay for now, they were only worth .0001 anyway. But yea, no more de eso.

Merry Christmas

This was a really good run down and thanks for some new names that I will have to look into. I am not sure how much I am going to be posting over the Christmas break. I might be too busy. We will have to see.

I ought to take a bit of a break to do more family stuff, but I am bound to be dropping in anyway. Have a good break.

Thanks, you too!

Hi @steevc! Thanks for the mention, and great article today. I've already encountered some of the stuff you're discussing. Nice to see good people around. I'm already knee deep in my next post.. just trying to decide how far to go!

Cool. You may want to not invest too much in your early posts before you build more of an audience who will see it. Maybe do some 'teasers' of what you might do later. Have fun with it.

Definitely a good guide on not to be a steem-hole! I like that phrase!

Agree with pretty much what you said. If all steemians thought like that, then this would be a place that would flourish. Well, I think it is still flourishing but there's always more that can be done. We're just scratching the surface here and I personally have loved the HF21 changes. I was pretty upset to begin with but once I read more about it all and the long term impact it will have, then I started embracing it and not looked back.

The fact steem has been so cheap the last few months (both in terms of sats and £ value) allowed a chance to get some more steem that wouldn't have otherwise been possible. I may not be a "big guy" on this platform but will do what I can with what I've got 😁

Steem on matey!

Cheers. Sometimes I need to just say what I feel. There are a lot of good people here, but then I just experienced some downvotes from a big bully. I just accept it as part of the deal. If we can keep growing our accounts and getting more to use Steem then the influence of the bullies goes down.

For sure, another motivation to keep growing my account to at least offset some of what's going on. Being objective with upvotes and downvotes is a skill and mindset that needs to be learned though.

We are not used to this as humans from the traditional social media sites so it's a shock to some but #operationdilutesteem is in effect since HF21 😁

Thanks for doing this. I'll have to admit the past 2 weeks I have found some new people to follow as my feed as been getting a little thin oontent I enjoy reading.

Some people are just negative and no matter what you do you won't make them happy. Most of my automatic votes were set when Steem was at $10 so not sure if 90% of those votes I get even do anything as I'm pretty sure they're just dust votes that might amount to like 0.001 Steem.

Most of my votes are manual as I like to control where they go. I can easily use them up.

I was reffering to people that automatically vote my content. Sorry for the confusion haha.

I had to laugh at the term 'steem hole' as I live in Massachusetts here in New England and when we go to New Hampshire (The state north of us) to go skiing the terms there for us is often "Mass-holes" and it isn't one of endearment, but I try NOT to be a Masshole but not sure if I should be a Steam hole?

Happy Christmas

It just came to mind and I am sure there are many types of 'holes'. They will be those who drain the enjoyment from things. Luckily there are lots of cool Steemians.

Happy Christmas to you too.

good points, I wish steemit would have some "official" guidelines on the front page which get voted by the community. That bring some clarity to the table...

I think some people like the lack of rules. These are my views, but it looks like others share them. We do get issues with new users storming in with paid votes and complaining when they get downvoted. The Steemit/Steempeak/Busy sites could display something to tell newbies which activities may not go down well. They may just see others doing these things and copy them in hope of a quick buck. I would rather people behave better and stick around.

I'd like to add constantly getting into conflicts on Steem. I know people who have a fair bit of stake but whose earnings largely depend on self-votes or various types of artificial arrangements. If you enjoy positive interactions with others on Steem, you're bound to create a following and support organically. If you constantly get into fights, there could be something to fix about your approach.

I would include people with the most tendency to seek out or create drama on Steem on your list. In my experience, it is entirely possible to steer clear of acrimony here. For me, Steem has never been the kind of cesspool some people claim it to be. I've witnessed some of it but I have never looked for it or willingly participated in it.

I've said before that you tend to get out what you put in. I try to be mostly positive, but I also want to help deal with some of those who only take. That said, I hear about bad stuff that I don't see. If you go looking for a fight you will find one.

All of those seem pretty valid points to me. Merry Christmas!

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