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I've done a few posts previously on my guitar pick collection. People have been kind enough to send me more from around the world. I've had some from the US, Canada and Australia, including these from @sokal. You should be able to see the old posts from the tag I use, but I only see one here. Maybe the flood of posts these days means they can't handle all the old posts any more.


I'm keen to increase my collection and I have SBD to spend. So if you have any unusual picks then I may be interested. I'll cover reasonable postage and am happy to discuss prices for the picks themselves. It's pretty cheap to just send a few for regular letter rate. We can exchange delivery details in Steemit chat where I am also steevc. I don't mind if the picks are used. I have lots of the various Dunlops, but perhaps you have some promotional ones from a guitar shop or gear manufacturer. Artist picks are cool too. I know a lot sell them at gigs now. I know picks actually used by famous guitarists go for serious money, but if you have something to sell then we can discuss.

I have a few spares I'm happy to trade if anyone is interested.


I really want to see the market of goods for Steem take off. Why not use what you earn here to help others? It's not just about investing for the future.

On the subject of guitars, there's Washington Post article about the struggling guitar industry. They must wonder where the next generation of guitarists will come from when kids are into electronic music etc. They don't have the guitar idols we had a few decades back.

Keep on pickin' and grinnin'!

I'm Steve, the geeky guitarist.


im gona make you some cool picks :)

Cool little thing to do. I might have some laying around, I will check to see.

Cool. I've not had any additions for a while

@steevc I will have to dig around here, but I might have a few interesting ones. Worst case, we can marvel at the together, right? I have a a great deal of concert material (mostly hard rock & metal bands) ranging from Ozzfest 98' to just about before my kids were born circa priorities, what can I say.. I'll see what I can find this afternoon and check back. Happy Huntin' & Pickin'

Let me know. There is such a variety out there and they look cool on display. I'd like to add to my collection.

I haven't forgotten, have to locate my treasures. We moved a year ago & having toddlers - we must hide the I will update ASAP, my apologies!

No worries. Buzz me on the chat when you have the time

I found one small container, but I've misplaced my pick holder.. Never put all your picks in one basket..😆I did find a few of my favorites though! I love those DAVA control picks - I'm not sure where I caught that one, but it plays so sweet! I saved your steemchat contact, so we can chat. And, yes.. my cousin is Vinnie Moore! The reason I began playing guitar. I have a red Hondo electric guitar that was (my very first guitar), that he played at a family cookout and signed for me. I was about 12 years old at the time & he shred that old, used guitar like it was a million dollar axe. It blew me away. Music is a powerful motivator! I'll be going to see him again in a few months, first time in 20 years! I'll try to grab a pick for you @steevc, nothing like having a pick half melted by a world class guitar shredder 😎. Here are a few picks I found (have more pics, will share in chat so I don't bomb this feed):
IMG 1900

I can't get into chat right now, but those look interesting. Cool that Vinnie is your cousin. Did he give you lessons? I'm definitely no shredder. I'll check into chat later and we can discuss details. Cheers

No worries, I'm a full time father of two I don't much free time, but when I do - I have technical difficulties 😆. Having bandwidth issues here on SteemIt, due to my verbose nature!

Yea it is really awesome that I got to meet him. I likely would've put down the guitar if I hadn't had that experience. He's a great teacher, but I never took lessons (in any form). Wished I had, but I have always been told to just remain self taught - by many teachers. I admire quite a few classically trained guitarists that I know personally and they admire my untrained/ untamed style. Funny how all guitarists think, isn't it? No matter the style or skill level, there's a deep appreciation for the craft that we all share. That's rare in any arena, if you ask me! I sent you a chat message, so we can chat whenever our paths align 😎, cheers

Great idea. Guitar picks are easy to send away. Mine are pretty generic. I have an extra thick for bass guitar. Like the idea though! I'll try to think of something to trade on Steemit...

I've been sent picks from around the world. There are so many types. They make a nice decoration for my desk shelves.

I make some out of gemstones occasionally. I might still have some picture Jasper that's cut thin enough to make a few more.

I'm in the UK. If you contact me on Steemit chat as steevc we can discuss.

Cool. It might take me a week or two to get around to making them. (I have some jewelry stuff I need to do first) but I'll certainly be in touch soon.

There's no rush. Talk soon

One of my most cherished possessions was a pink pick handed to me by Vinnie Vincent after an epic shred. I hadn't realized the ex-Kiss guitarist was a virtuoso until that moment, and had gone to see another act he was opening for (Iron Maiden).

Stolen.. sigh

Thanks for putting out a way for Steemit to grow in utility, and Steem to grow in value.

I had a nice collection, until they got lost during a move :(

That's a shame.

I'm fine with that...It's all the valuable concert t-shirts (not thinking they would ever fetch $100+) I threw away that really burns

It's crazy what people will pay for old stuff now. I hope you can make enough Steem to pay yourself back

thanks my crypto portfolio has been very generous to me this year. So I'm loving that :)

ive got some i'll have a look for them :)

That's cool. Look me up in chat to discuss

Thank you for using the tag, join us on discord server: there is so much gem on there, when you need something done!

You ever think about getting a really premium pick? I've had my eye on this one for a while, hoping to pull the trigger soon. $35 for a pick (!!!), but I've actually been using the same guitar pick for over a year without losing it, so I might be ready o_o

I've heard about the Blue Chips. That is a lot of money for something I'd easily lose, but I mostly play at home anyway. I did buy these at the guitar shop. The Stohn one was quite a lot of money and I don't know how much I will use it. I think it was £13 and the other around £4. Normally I wouldn't pay more than a pound, but I didn't buy anything else there and I fancied trying something different. I like the Gravity one best so far


Man your collection makes me jealous. It's hard to judge a pick without playing it - I'll let you know if I end up picking up the blue chip.

I know one of the guys on the Six String Bliss podcast got one. He nearly lost it once before someone found it, but I think he later lost it completely.

I lose picks so frequently I quit buying them and grew my nails on my pick hand.

I suck, so I don't recommend it. ;)

It amazes me the things people collect.

Well this is a pretty cheap thing to collect and they look cool. I'm not into super rare ones for now

I used to collect match boxes years ago and I had some really rare ones. The only problem was I cut the box lid design off the box instead of just keeping the box. This effectively made them worthless. So that was the end of that collection. I also had a huge collection of Marvel Comics including special editions, and they were worth a fortune. Sadly when I left home I Ieft them in the garage intending to collect them later on. My stepmother figured I did not want them and so sold them on a car-boot sale for about £10 for the lot. They were actually worth about £33,000. Ouch!

Wow, that must have been gutting with the comics. It's crazy what people will pay to have something rare. Items that originally cost hardly anything can be worth a fortune if someone will pay it.

My collection is just for fun. I don't expect it to be worth anything, but there are certain guitarists whose picks I'd like to have. I know some people are lucky to just pick them up at gigs.

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Very Cool, I have a rather large pic collection. I give away all my doubles. But maybe I'll save some in the future so we can trade!

I have about a hundred so far. They look cool stuck along the edges of the shelves above my desk, but I'm running out of space there. I'd be happy to trade some.

That one looks legit :d

I don't have the Pick of Destiny yet

Cool!, didn't know you collected picks!

Here's a video I did of them a while back

Have you gotten new picks enough to make another video?

I've not had any new ones recently. Maybe I need to put out another request

You should! Each one has a story with it, and that's what makes it interesting. I dpn't play with a pick, but I'll check to see what postage costs to send from US to the UK on Monday.

Cool!, thats a lot of picks!... Also loved the telecaster, looks pretty good :D

I even use some of them at times for variety. I gained a load more at the guitar show this year.

This is a great #steemgig, though it's not labeled as such. If you edit the title to include [STEEMGIG], it'll be easier to find and promote.

Does it count as that? I'll have a look

Certainly does. Any offer or request for a service or product could be considered a #steemgig.

I'm currently writing an article promoting "audio steemgigs". Things like music, voice, mixing/mastering, etc. Could definitely find a place for this

Okay. Updated and included the tag

Great! Best of luck with your collection!

@dreamrafa, got any extra picks?

Where are you located? I'm in the United States