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Hello and welcome to all the readers.

Since last post, i have been concentrating on doing more lessons and some selective missions to stock up energy. Progress has been good.

Ego is currently on 27%, which will go down once the temporary drunks forget me. [ 374 temporary drunks doing missions today]

I have reached level 53, one step closer to my goal of level 55.
Currently, i have 70311 Starbits in my account.


Today, i tried the new Record staking game. I have staked 3000 starbits to start with.

I also won a fanpack today while doing missions.

Weekly Goals

This week missions to complete:

  • continue doing more lessons, get the ego below 20%
  • do selective Missions to keep the Energy flowing.
  • buy a new pack this week
  • do a new thing in risingstargame.

Updated stats:




Thank you for reading my post.

Have a nice day.


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Record staking looks like a decent way to earn some passive starbits. i tried as well and already stacked up a couple of 100. I like the fact that it's low maintenance and you don't lose your investment. Thanks for sharing! and great progress as usually, you are kicking butt!

Yes, it is a good way to earn some starbits and unstake it anytime you want to.
thanks for your comment and encouragement as always

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