Old and Abandoned [Qurator's Photo Quest - Abandoned Places]

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Good afternoon, everyone!

I found this little gem next to the Rio Ave (Bird River), at the entrance of a town called Trofa. This small house was located in private land and enclosed by some fences but I didn't care, I had to jump it and trespass the property... just to take a few shots. 🤫

This is my entry for the Qurator's Photo Quest - Abandoned Places hosted by @qurator.


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It's mind-boggling to me to see a house in such a fine location being left to rot, what a waste... I wonder why the owners ignored it until the point it started being eaten by the surrounding vegetation.


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Here's a closer shot.

Sure, it is not very big and probably unfit for a family... but even though, wouldn't it be preferable to donate such a house to someone who would love living in it, instead of abandoning it like this? 🤔


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Check out the views around this small hut. To one side you can see upstream, where the river waters are almost still. There's no undulation on the surface at all... so relaxing. 🤗


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To the other side there's a tiny cascade which creates some movement in the waters and a really soothing sound.


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I hope you liked these photos.

Now, a little question: can you picture yourself living in such a place or would you need something bigger?

LocationGuidões, Trofa - Portugal
CameraPanasonic Lumix DC TZ-90
Photos5 (Edited with GIMP)

If you wish to enter the contest, the announcement link is here:
Qurator's Photo Quest - Abandoned Places.



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Nice pics! Beautiful piece of nature.😊
Did you go inside the house?😀

Thanks. No, I didn't. The door was pretty well shut with some boards and nails. 😐

Really a pitty to leave it like this, the location close to the
river is nice!

Wow these pics are beautiful
nature is always beautiful 😇😊

It sure is! Thanks for your nice comment. 🤗

Nice pics and peaceful place ⭐:)⭐

Thank you. I'm glad you liked it. 😎

Shucks I missed this. I had a ton of photos of an abandoned home which Would have been perfect for this contest. Anyway, maybe next time.

I almost missed it myself. 😊
Thanks for stopping by!

nice photos


It looks some very cool nature there 😋👌👌👌 it can be cool to have home there and look this water and trees.

Yeah, it is such a beautiful spot! 😎

you are welcome :)

Abandoned houses are my favorite setting for photoshoots. Great images!

Thank you very much! I'm glad you liked these. 🤗

You found a very interesting place. You're doing great!

Yeah, it's going well... what about you?

I like such abandoned places.
Such places have some secrets hidden within them, about which we will never know.

For sure... if the door was open I would have got in! 😉

Again, you have captured original and beautiful photos. I follow your work. I wonder what brand your camera is. I am really curious.

Ah, thanks! I always write that info at the bottom of my posts. 🤭

what an amazing place and even if some revolt the wall calls for color.

Yeah, a graffiti wouldn't look bad over there! 🤭



Yay! 🤗
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I agree, it's such a good location, as long as it doesn't flood and no wild animal problem. I don't know about these but I still feel it's a pity it went to waste like that, maybe they'd come back for it later.

It's a few kms away from the sea... the chances of a flood are really slim.
Thanks for stopping by! 🤗

It's petty this place is abandoned. Such a nice natural surrounding.

Yeah, this is a common problem in my country. Lots of great properties are left to rot like that. 🤐

Interesting hut!)

Yep, too bad is abandoned! I wouldn't mind living there. No neighbours, no annoying dogs barking all day, it would be perfect. 🤭

I myself love such places)

Hello my dear friend @trincowski

That place is beautiful. The river looks a bit choppy.

The little house seems to grow from plants.

It gives me the impression that it is very cold there.

A big hug

No, it wasn't cold, it was a very hot day, in fact. 😎
Thanks for your visit and comment!

Nice pictures ⭐⭐


Muchas veces estos hermosos lugares son abandonados porque en su entorno la naturaleza no reúne las condiciones necesarias para quienes llegan a ese lugar. Explicó un caso hace años de un amigo que se fue a Colombia con su familia, encontraron trabajo fácilmente, pero querían vivir lejos de la ciudad. Decidieron buscar anuncios para alquilar una casa. Vieron que había una publicación económica y optaron por esa oferta. Todo les pareció estupendo, porque era un lugar alejado del ruido general de la ciudad. Se sentían muy bien aunque la energía eléctrica era escasa. En su primera semana todos los miembros de la familia sufrieron malestar general, vómitos y diarrea. Esto se debía a que el agua del manantial tenía un nivel de pH inadecuado, y por las noches el ruido generado por los insectos y los sapos era insoportable para toda la familia. La falta de electricidad por las noche contribuye a la alta presencia de mosquitos en la casa. El lugar se volvió complicado para todos. Al cabo de unos días decidieron volver a la ciudad. Era un lugar bonito, pero estaba muy lejos de la ciudad, el hospital estaba a 2 horas por carretera y no era factible en caso de emergencia. Estas son las posibles causas de la búsqueda de lugares bonitos y del abandono.

Ah, I see... but that's not the case here. There is a medium sized town just around the corner.
Thanks for your visit and comment.

Es posible situación mi querido amigo. Nunca se sabe.

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