Cryptobrewmaster - All-In Producing, After Two Weeks

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Before the report about all-in producing ...

A struck of luck with the latest brew

You may remember that two weeks ago I rented all production facilities. Some of you were curious about how will I fare and doubtful that the voyage will be snooth.

You were right because it's not a fruitful affair. Getting mostly the blue ingredients makes medium beer and not much profit if any. Without a lot of luck, like with the beer above, I would be already underwater.

At the moment, 12 days before all the leases except the water tower expire I have 126.12 CBM which represents 11% of the initial amount. Not good. I even broke the promise and bought some energy and sold some not needed ingredients to survive.

The verdict so far is that preparing all ingredients on your own and brewing your own (blue) beer to cover the expenses doesn't add up.

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Join me, will you? Thanks and cheers.

Better and better

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I still think this game is economically unbalanced

It is :)

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Interesting thanks for your feedback on this!

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You are welcome.

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