Cryptobrewmaster - What Makes Bella DID Wheat IPA?


This beer ...

... is brewed from these six ingredients.

Brewing Water

2 Row Barley Malt

Local Bittering Hops

Local Aroma Hops

Wheat Malt

Ale Yeast

You can produce yourself every ingredient except Wheat Malt. This will come too in the future upgrades, I guess.

Ready To Brew

Ps: I needed to write the list down because I couldn't remember the ingredients at all. It looks that six things are too much information for my leaky memory :)

Ps2: my brew your own ingredients experiment is not progressing very well. The financial part of the equation doesn't add up. More in the next days ...

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Join me, will you? Thanks and cheers.

Better and better


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Eh, I got a green beer out of the last brew. A loos, I am afraid.

I hope that the next beer brewed will be at least blue when not better.