Cryptobrewmaster - Fancy Some European Lager

in Hive Gaming3 months ago (edited)

Today at the @cryptobrewmaster game I brewed a fine lager of European persuasion. It claims to have:

  • ABV of 4,
  • Demand of 2,
  • IBU of 2,
  • Taste of 6.

For how much will it be sold? What do you say?

For a standard second level beer price of CBM 31.96.

Recently, with the changes in the Daily Quests department, I find it difficult to get enough yeast and aroma hops. It seems like I am always short on these two ingredients.

What is your experience?

In case you would like to join the game and brew that special beer, here is my referral link. Thank you!

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Good luck brewing your beer, everybody!

Better and better


I sold it for 34 earlier but look like price dropped now.

Quest become too long, Are you able to complete them?

Oh yes, we have to time the quest well, to get all ingredients.
It takes all day to get them all.
I wonder if there will be a third kind of ingredient quality some day.

Some day for sure. The game is still in alpha, whatever that means :)

In the meantime ...


Hey @udabeu, here is a little bit of BEER from @ervin-lemark for you. Enjoy it!

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Nice man, I am waiting on one ingredient (aroma hops) to brew my first "good" batch

Good luck :)