SEAPHOTOGRAPHY CONTEST • WEEK 135 • Theme announcement ! Until 10 HIVE Prizes !!!

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Theme announcement trame free.jpg

This Week the of the #seaphotography contest theme is:



This post is the post of submission of your photographs. This week is the 135th of the #seaphotography contest. As is the case from time to time, the theme of #seaphotography contest is free. So, you can post any type of photography with the only condition of course, that the main subject is the sea! Be original and make us dream!

Ce post est le post de soumission de vos photographies. Cette semaine est la 135e du #seaphotography contest. Comme c'est le cas de temps en temps, le thème de #seaphotography contest vous est laissé libre. Vous pouvez poster tout type de photographie à la seule condition bien-sûr, qu'elle porte sur la mer ! Faites preuve d'originalité et faites nous rêver !


1- Post your photography on the monday submission post announcing the contest of the week (Below this post!) and indicate "Seaphotography contest" in the title.

2- No upvote required but still welcome !

3- The photographer must be the author of the photography presented to the contest. Any attempt at plagiarism will be denounced and its author blacklisted of the contest. NO PLAGIARISM!

4- Write a few words about your photography indicating the place, the exif, or any others informations that the photographer will judge useful. English, French, Spanish, Turkish, Arabic, Marsian, all languages ​​are accepted. However, an English translation in a parallel column could be usefull for everyone ...

5- The photography can be submitted from Monday to Saturday midnight. Only one photography per contest and per author.

***THAT'S ALL !!!***


MORE REWARDS THANKS TO @TalentClub contribution

• Total of prize: 10 Hive for this week !! •

The winner will be announced the weekend and will earn :

7 Hive

And now 3 honorable mentions will be also announced the weekend and will earn

1 Hive


On the other hand, if you publish on your blog photography highlighting the sea whatever the theme choiced, and using the tag #seaphotography as first tag, you can have a chance to see your work upvoted and presented on my blog.

I will annonce the winner of this week, and will present my favorite #seaphotography, this week end...! I can not wait to enjoy your photographs. Thank you for participating and resteem this post !



Contact me on discord #4302 or in this comment section


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On Facebook here

Pleaase, let me call, the contributors of the contest:



Hello there! Here's my entry for your contest: A 360º Panoramic Shot at the Beach

Links: Ecency / PeakD / Hive Blog
Tribes: PalNet / CreativeCoin

Really original, thank you for this participation.


Nice light, thank you for this participation.

Thank you @marc-allaria 👍

i am very happy to once again enter this phenomenal contest
this entry is titled: the golden path

You're welcome, thank you for this participation.

@tipu curate

Nice, thank you

I love seeing the all of the stunning, diversified seaphotography entries whenever you have "Free Theme" weeks! @marc-allaria

Yes, sometimes it's good to let photographs free !


A nice theme, I will try to find something interesting to participate this week.

With pleasure, you have white card this week !

Bang, I did it again... I just rehived your post!
Week 56 of my contest just can now check the winners of the previous week!

This will be cool thanks 😊

Hi, we would like to participate in this week contest with this photo.

Nice view, thank you for this participation.

Yay! 🤗
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The photo of happiness! thank you for this participation.

Yes. This is the very road to happiness when there is a sea!

Pure scene. Thank you for this participation.

Hi Marc! Thanks for keeping up the contest. Since there´s no special topic, I´m going to post a non-specific long exposure picture of the Baltic Sea during early sunset. This picture was taken in 2020. I hope to go on vacation this summer as well. Let´s see what Corona says.


Thank you for this longexposure and this participation

Nice reflect!! Thank you for this participation.

You're welcome @marc-allaria 🌊

Les regalo esta belleza
Es la unión del cielo y el mar.
Es el Mar de Nueva Esparta
Isla de Margarita

Muchas gracias para esta foto

Thank you for this participation.

Here is my entry, the sun setting over the great barrier reef in Cairns Queensland Australia.


Nice sunset. Thank you for this participation.

Nice sunset too. Thank you for this participation.