Egyptian Goose Spring Babies!

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Little goslings and they are so cute and cuddly!

We went to the radiology department of the hospital this morning and they have a large fountain pool in their garden. My x-ray went much quicker than Marian's annual mammogram and I waited for her at the pool.
Then these two little ones appeared to make my day.
Come wait with me!


Happy and lovely little ones aren't they?
Always sad to know that all of their little brothers and sisters were taken by predators!
Only these two little ones left.


But whoa! Don't touch, unless you can face mama!


Mama took her babies for swimming lessons!


Look how cute they are in the baby pool!


Checking their make up in the water mirror!


The party ended with a bang, as dad came flying through!


You would also be upset if your husband did that.
"Bernie" the mom screamed, "you are a real bum"
An angry mom scattered onto the grass with the kids and they watched their dad in the big pool!


But of course rude "Bernie" is a showboat!


He was showing the kids how brave he was by swimming around in the danger zone near the fountains that mom ordered out of bounds for the kids.


A real show off isn't he?


And then Bernie did a very rude thing, he flashed his bum at mom!


Of course mom was disgusted wouldn't you be and she stormed off with the kids!

I have had some inquiries about the Egyptian Geese and did you know that they were regarded as sacred birds in the old Egypt?

Here is some information about them.

"The Egyptian goose (Alopochen aegyptiaca) is a member of the duck, goose, and swan family Anatidae. It is native to Africa south of the Sahara and the Nile Valley.

Egyptian geese were considered sacred by the Ancient Egyptians, and appeared in much of their artwork. Because of their popularity chiefly as an ornamental bird, escapees are common and feral populations have become established in Western Europe.

The Egyptian goose has escaped or been deliberately released in to Florida, USA. However Egyptian geese are also now present in many parts of Central and Southeastern Texas with more than 100 sightings just in 1Q 2018 as reported in database".

Source of the section in inverted commas ("")

Note: All photos and words are my own except for the quoted and cited section.
The photos are unedited except for cropping to upload.

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So very cute - I wonder how many she had originally. Hope those two stay well and Bernie leave them alone

Thank you and they normally have between 10 to 12 my friend.
The predators always have feast when the little ones arrive and as in the case of the Guinea fowls, only one or two survive.
They seem to accept the loss of so many and will keep only the strongest ones. If a small one is malformed the mother will chuck it out.
Bernie is just a show off and he will defend those little survivors to the death.

Nature is wonderful and even though we feel sometimes cruel, it sorts itself out.... is is us humans that are disturbing that balance.

You are so right my friend.
We have become destroyers and I fear for the intricate and delicate balance in nature. Pesticide, progress and littering is for fools.

wow this Little goslings are really so cute. i like your post it is awesome..

Thank you my friend and I had a good time with the geese.

They are really sweet and cool and your photos are very crispy and detailed. Well done! 😎

Thank you for the great comment Sir.
My intention is to make my posts bigger and more detailed in the hope that I can attract more curators.
Hope that you have a good week.

Those goslings are just too sweet. Trust all went well for you both.

Thank you Lady Fiona and Marian's was thankfully clear.
I think that they have found the reason for my leg pains when I walk, but we will have to wait for the doctor's report, which I will only get next week as he is away at a conference.
Hope that you have a good week.

They really are adorable...

Adorable indeed my dear friend.
Blessings and thank you!

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Thank you!

Cute little guys! It is really surprising how fast they will grow up in the first year! I'm always pretty wary of the parents though... they can get quite nasty if you get too close! Something that I have to reminding the kids about...

Thank you and oh yeah, the parents are dangerous indeed, I have seen a mom attack a cat and we currently have a big fight between them and the pied crows as both couples are nesting here.
Glad that you guys also have them.

Ah! Those goslings are so cute! And they made for a very entertaining wait!
Thanks for passing on that bit of entertainment and beautiful to see the Egyptian Geese, something we don't get a chance to see here in Canada!

Oh! I thought that they would also be in Canada, as they have indeed expanded their territories across the world my friend. Our two here at home are fighting with a nesting pair of pied crows every day.
Glad to have shown them to you.

So lovely, what an adventure with ducks ☺

Thank you and glad that you liked the post.

What sweet shots of them and this line Checking their make up in the water mirror gave me a chuckle


Hahaha, they are indeed cute little things JJ.


Dad is a badass

P.D: I'd appreciate your review on my latest post btw

Thank you!

Goslings are always so cute! And then they grow up. Kinda like kittens. Kittens are cute, then they grow up and decide they own you.

Hahaha, fortunately these are wild ones and they own everything in nature my friend. Wise enough to stay away from people.

Such sweet little ducklings :) A nice distraction from the hospital! Hope both you and Marian have positive results from your visit! :) Blessings!

Thank you Mrs. Bird and they were indeed a great distraction.
Marian is thankfully clear and I am am not so fortunate, as an old motorbike accident is coming back to haunt me, but we have to wait for the doctor's report.

They are so precious and I love your insights into their family. I rather like that they have come to live in North America.

Amazing how many other places they have emigrated to my friend.
Just a bit of tongue in cheek fun with a nice surprise.
Blessings and thank you Lady Melinda!

Thanks for sharing your experience with us!

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Baby goose..........gosling and I learned something new today. I think no one would ever get tired of looking at these cuties.

Thank you and glad that you now know that they are called goslings my friend. I think it's a nice name for the little cuties.
Also glad that you liked the post.

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Thank you my dear friend.
Blessings to you!

Maybe dad knows they are 2 sons, and he wants them to do brave and risky stuff like him, and he's afraid mom will make them into sissies? LOL Very cute!

Hahaha, only you will place a comment like this my friend.
I am still giggling.

Oh I just love to interject my understanding of what animals are thinking in a situation, lol. Even the squirrels at my house get included in this exercise, except I tell them how goofy they are to their face. :)

Blessings to you and yours!

Hahaha well, I am fond of doing the same and mostly in a joking manner.
Busy befriending squirry's husband, but he is a real obnoxious soul.
Maybe they have been married for too long Lol
Blessings and thank you!

So sweets! love your all shots.

Thank you and I am glad that you liked the post my friend.

So sweet and a great feathered blog

Thank you my dear friend and also for the reminder.

Those are some cute little geese!

I used to live on a big farm with a pond. We had some local geese and the Canadians that flew in over the summer. They'd stick around awhile and enjoy the nice Pennsylvania weather. One year, the Canadians had some little ones. The white geese, the native ones to our area, kidnapped one of the Canadians, and it started following them around. Any time one of the Canadian adults tried to take back her young, the white geese would chase them off. That young Canadian grew up to be one of the most loyal family members for the white geese. I'd never seen anything like it.

What a wonderful story and it must have been so great to see.
Especially as the geese and ducks always like to stick to their own.
Surely a very rare occurrence here, as I have never encountered it.
But then, the native Indian tribes used to kidnap white children and raised them as their own.
Maybe they also saw the birds kidnapping other youngsters?
Blessings and thank you!

It's quite possible. I found it fascinating that the young Canadian followed the American adults around. It was as if they actually thought the belonged to the white ones, which I'm sure they did. It was amazing to watch.

Oh, no doubt and I believe you my friend.
At times I think that we were chosen to see these rare events, but I have never been able to really decipher the messages, if indeed they are messages. Maybe we were just at the right place at the right time.

If there is a higher purpose in these events, I hope the higher power is delighted by the results. :-)

I am sure the He is my friend!
Have a nice day!

You were lucky to catch these little guys playing @papilloncharity. You got some great pics. 👍

Thank you Bruni and it was indeed a nice surprise.
Blessings to you guys!

Wonderful photos Sir Stephen and a fun writeup. I hope all was well with your x-ray.

Thank you Lady Jo and it was another great unexpected event.
The x-rays are not too good, but we have to wait for the doctor's report.
But I am not too worried as life goes on.
Thank you for the kind care.

@papilloncharity - I like how you tell a story with your pictures - the baby geese are so cute, then you give information about the geese as well. Very interesting!

Thank you for the kind comment my dear friend.
I try to keep my posts top quality and it has indeed served me well.
Blessings to you and yours!

Nice hospital garden! The gardens in any hospital I have visited have always been something to look at behind glass, not to enter.

Oh shame, instead they should put benches out for the people, as nature is a healer. A while ago I had an operation and the doctor discovered that I was missing from my bed. They eventually found me sitting in the garden still with the drips in my arms, as the bags were hung on a trolley with wheels hahaha.

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@arcange thank you my friend.
Every bit helps.
Blessings to you and yours!

What an awesome way to wait, Sir Stephen! Totally cracked up at your narration, and your captures are awesome. Sending loads of good thoughts to you and Lady Marian, in the hopes that both of your test results are good.


goose and pigeons dancing.gif

Wow! Lady Traci this giphy magafter fits in perfectly with my goose post!
Thank you for the kind words and now I can go around and brag that I cracked Traci York up hahaha
Thankfully Marian was found to be clear.
Blessings to you and yours!

Don't forget... this would have made a wonderful #featheredfriday post hosted by @melinda010100

Thanks, @wesphilbin! Even without the tag Stephen has my vote and I'm sharing this one! ❤️

I thought the #featheredfriday tag could only be used on Fridays Lady Melinda. But I have now edited the post and put the tag in.
With your permission I will use the tag on all of my future bird posts.
Just don't want it to seem to be unfair to others in the contests.
Thank you for the share my dear friend.

You can use the tag every/any day that you post your delightful bird photos! ❤️🐦❤️

Thank you my dear friend and you know that I value your kindness.

Thank you my dear friend
And you know that I value
Your kindness. Blessings!

                 - papilloncharity

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Thank you Sir and I am well aware of #featheredfriday, as Lady Melinda and I am old friends.
Please see my reply to her below.
Blessings and thank you for the care.


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Thank you kindly!

I love those photos, they look so cute. THanks for sharing this with us and may you have a great day!

Thank you kindly.
Hope that you also have a great day.

Very cute and fuzzy. I think they have a thing for hospitals LOL. When I was in St. Louis, the hospital I worked at had skads of geese. While it was wonderful to watch them, the only came during nesting season and OMG are the aggressive. The last year I was there, we had 3 incidents where patients were attacked. The worst of them all was a lady that was 8 months pregnant. Everything came out ok and the baby was fine, but of course she still sued the hospital even though the said the accept responsibility and paid for not only everything with the treatment for the bird but all for her entire hospital bill and the first year of bills for the baby. 'it was enough'

So sad to hear this my friend. Surely they can move the geese to another place? Build a small dam and fence it off so that the goslings cannot get out, as then the adults will then stay with them away from the public.
I know it's a lot of effort, but the safety of the public is a priority and geese are regularly moved around over here.
Appoint a goose watcher to chase the marauders and make sure that there are food in the camp and the geese will soon learn to stay away.
Just my thought on this.

Howdy sir papilloncharity! oh, we even have them in Texas now! Wonderful, I hope they are thriving. Great photos and text, super cool!

Howdy Sir @janton, great that they have traveled that far. Amazing what birds can do and I suppose that you guys herd them like cattle hahaha
Although I don't think that they are very suitable for rodeo's Lol.
Blessings and thank you!

lol! I haven't seen any here yet and if they show up people here would probably just shoot them!

Of no! Better then that they stay away.

Maybe they'll go to the residential areas of the cities, people won't shoot them there.

If they are not into the suburbs already my friend.
I have seen a goose attacking a cat and a little squirrel attacking a goose.
A crazy place this.

That sounds very entertaining though, as long as no one gets hurt.

Nah, they know how to dodge each other, but I was so surprised to see squirry barreling down towards the male goose and the goose jumping up to let squirry pass below him. Especially as those geese are known as fierce fighters.

Oh my gosh, they are so cute! And it always cracks me up when they stick their butts in the air!

Hahaha, I just though that the guy had such style my friend.

This is really fun to share with all of us..
You must've had lots of fun taking these photos

Thank you and it was indeed a pleasant surprise my friend.
Glad that you liked it.

Aww they are cuties!

Thank you Sir and glad that you liked the post.