Infinite Dimensions - Stratocaster and Handpan

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Here is a 115 bpm improvisation on my hijaz handpan. I basically played the improvisation to a metronome to stay in time so I could add drums easier later on. The rest of the drums are via my Roland Handsonic and include a djembe, shakers, toms, tabla and cymbols. The final track is on my Fender Stratocaster Plus mainly for #straturday and the guitar community here on hive. The stratocaster track has a tape delay and a bit of overdrive via my Axe FX II.

Thanks for listening :-)

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Yay! 🤗
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Cool stuff. You get good use of your instruments. I need to work on my drumming.


That midi set you have is actually pretty good especially for the price you got it at. My handsonic was a bit too pricey even though it was used and I don't even have a foot pedal, have to buy it separately some day.

My drum pad is pretty basic, but I can use it to develop some technique. I ought to use it more for some videos. I was thinking I could put the drums through my looper to play along with.


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Hi brother @sketch.and.jam , Can I download this music? I really like

Sure no problem. I wish there was a hive dapp for posting music like dsound on steem.

Thank you brother . I love your music. seriously..

Thanks for listening :-)