Coronavirus in Cumaná - Venezuela, a country already in crisis

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For no one in many parts of the world is a secret the current state of crisis that Venezuela is experiencing thanks to the so-called socialism, the fear that a disease that spreads so
quickly in the population that it is usually on the street looking for a way to survive and search for articles For their own consumption and that of their families, the poor health
status of the country is alarming thanks to the flight of doctors and nurses who fled the country seeking a better future in other lands. On March 5, a plane from Europe brought
two infected people with COVID-19, becoming official on March 13th through a statement by the country's vice president, Delcy Rodriguez, in the capital of my country, Caracas, causing many people to panicked, the alarming news caused many people to leave their homes to buy what they could to protect themselves against a possible quarantine, just 48 hours later there were already 17 confirmed cases and 7 states in the country in total quarantine, the situation is alarming, there is a lot of fear in a country where a simple fever or a small infection is a cause for concern thanks to the lack of medicines and medical personnel, adding to this the high food prices as we suffer from an unofficial dollarization where businesses try to fight inflation selling products in dollars, when the common citizen
lives on the minimum salary in Bolivares that is not more than $ 6, the situation in my city, Cumana, Sucre state, is a little normalized, many people abiding by the quarantine
but likewise, there are many people continuing with their daily routine as if nothing happened. Going to their jobs, to restaurants and night spots, ignorance is part of a town
that does not want to see beyond their pockets.
We hope that people comply with the common norms of prevention of the disease, we cannot prevent an outbreak with the current situation of the country and more if we want
those who are supposed to be the most affected, nothing happens to us and we talk about the older people, our parents, grandparents, I as a cancer survivor must abide by all quarantine regulations to stay as healthy as possible and thanks to this I can work from home without the need to leave, these two weeks are crucial to avoid something catastrophic to Nationally, wash your hands, avoid contact with people who suspect they have the disease, and stay at home. Another of the things that are happening here in Venezuela with respect to the virus is that we possibly already had people in the national territory, but as is usually the case with leftist governments, information is usually hidden from the public to give the people a feeling of lack. that we are well, surely we have more, many more cases than are officially reported.

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