📊 Transparency Data Report on our Twitter Marketing Campaign Hive Promotion || ANN: Retweets only will not count us on Top Daily Users📊

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What a great week we are going through all our fellow Hive Family. We have given almost 200 Free Hive(approx.) tips on our daily giveaway to encourage and inspire everyone to tweet and promote Hive on the Twitter World.

I am happy to present to you a more transparent approach to our Twitter Marketing Campaign.

Screen Shot 20200816 at 23.36.50.png

We are now compiling and collecting all our tweets readily available for public view in Excel Spreadsheets. The tweets that have at least one of these words in our tweets which include our hashtags #Hive, #Posh, $Hive, #HiveChat, hive.blog, and peakd.com.

Anyone can publicly verify our Twitter Data reports especially our Top 50 Most Active Users based on the Twitter API provided by https://developer.twitter.com/en


The data reports are posted on @hive-data account, the post rewards we are getting on the statistics blog post are also distributed among all our active twitter hustler users.

The new modification on our Daily Top 50 will be implemented on our next report, starting exactly August 16, 2020 post reports. So please don't come to me yet for your FREE Hive tips of the day, please. Lol. Today is a test post example :))

Every day, Top Twitter Most active gets FREE Hive and Top Tweets of the day. We will make some adjustments on how we recognize our Top 50 Most Active #Hive Users on Twitter. We heard that some are on Retweeting Frenzy all the way to the Top spots, although we appreciate every effort in promoting Hive but we need to give everyone a fair share of competition.

The adjustment is our Retweets only will not count to make us on Top Twitter Hustler list. From now on, we will only recognize the original Tweets, Retweets with comments, and comments(reply) with our hashtags. As far as I am concerned this will help us be more equal to all our Hive Twitter community.

Some concerns are raised about this issue by HiveLift.

Just discovered (on my last 2 tweets) that often a RT with comment hides the images and makes it look drop dead boring. This is NOT an advantage if you want content to pop and be noticed. Also not in the authors favour to have their image hidden. @HiveBlogShare - thoughts?

For these queries, I responded

We can both normal Retweets and Retweets with comments in a single tweets. We have heard that some are in Retweeting Machine Gun so we want to fair to everyone to only put our attention on the #Hive tweets w/ dedication. Hope we understand ❤

In my humble opinion, we are not stopping anyone for using the Retweet only features because it also helps us reach more engagements however as we have rewards and gamification on this twitter competition(I may say) we can clearly say that abusing this kind of giveaways are very possible in the near future, maybe it's still early to tell right now. In my little limited mind, I am also looking forward to expanding the Hive giveaways if our Hive Marketing budget will allow.

For me, any way possible to promote #Hive does make sense.
Good day to all my Hive Family :))

Please follow me on Twitter and Hive 😍
Also, I really do love Ramen!

Please upvote, share, and follow. Thank you..

We want to recognize our great people on Twitter we always see every day. I am grateful to God to have you guys in our Hive Family. We love all of you, I am praying to God that He take good care for all of you and your family. <3
(Note: The list is the only name I know based on my limited capacity that I figured out on their usernames on Hive connected to Twitter accounts. If you think must be included on our list, we will appreciate commenting down and we will be happy to add you. Cheers!)

Great TwitterHustlers List➡️➡️➡️

Thank you so much for all the effort to show this stats to the whole community! This is just amazing!

I found it amazing to have our whole community in Twitter marketing campaign. Great to have you guys

Que gran iniciativa la que estamos haciendo por twitter. En el primer cuadro excel, los reflejados en verde que significan? soy una de esos.


Significa que es elegible para recibir sugerencias de colmena, pero aún no funciona. Comenzará en nuestra próxima publicación, sigue tuiteando Hive. Agradecemos todo su apoyo en nuestro marketing de Twitter de Hive

I certainly think it’s a good step forward.

Let’s keep on improving and iterating to bring more value to our Hive ecosystem

I cannot agree more. We can definitely make Hive known to all, the community is the key❤

I think we should encourage people on hive to share great Hive posts by clicking on the little Twitter bird at the bottom left of each Hive Post. #hive

This is a good idea. I will keep that in mind

Same with Reddit, LinkedIn and even Facebook.... the more people that learn about Hive in these other places the better. #hive

Awesome thanks for the link to the data. I’ll try my hand at doing some cool data transformations and make them a bit visually interesting!

Oh thanks, we will appreciate the help. I am bit on burden how to figure things work out. I know woth God's help I will fond things useful for the community. Any help and suggestion will definitely much appreciated ❤

You're doing an amazing job on twitter, this is basically paying off, cheers.

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This data we provide is how we appreciate all your effort for tweeting and promoting Hive on twitter. Its our collective effort of marketing Hive. Great to have all of you guys

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Ooh! I made it into the spread sheet although I'm ranked waaay down the "Tweet Counts" as only 3. What's the criteria for that? Is that related to a specific hashtag?

I also made it into the Great Twitter Hustler list which is nice. #Hugs

"If you don't have enough power or Crypto to upvote me; reshare me instead. Reshares are worth their weight in gold!"

Don't forget, you can upvote peoples comments too!

Top 50 Daily Most Active Users (All Top 10 can receive a Hive Tips Daily)
Retweets only will not count on this list. Original Tweets, Retweet with comments and replies(comments) with the hashtags #Hive, #posh, $hive, #Hivechat, hive.blog & peakd.com are all collected to make this Top Users.

Please check out our daily report post on @hive-data account. Great to have you, my friend


Great job dear.

Great post! Thank you!

Es increíble todo el amor que le pones a todo esto.
Sinceramente, eres un crack ¡Qué maravilla!
Más allá del tip diario, quiero ser parte del movimiento que lleve a #Hive a la luna.
Gracias por documentar ese suceso (:

This new Hiro is better than the old hiro <3

Make Hive great! :3

With the help of my God ❤