What tribes do you participate in?

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Last I checked there are almost 30 different Hive Engine tribes, each with their own niche and token. While I know most of the tribes, at least what niche they are, there are some I haven't even heard of yet.

It's impossible to use and participate in every tribe, so you have likely chosen a few that you want to be part of in some way.

What tribes do you participate in, and which are your favorites?

I only participate in a handful of tribes, there are only so many hours a day you can spend. Which ones? Glad you asked!


STEMGeeks is my own tribe focused on Science, Technology, Engineering, Math (STEM) topics. I had a few goals in mind when I created the tribe.

I wanted to attract casual discussion, less formal than SteemSTEM at the time, now STEM Social. As long as it is on topic and your own work, it is welcomed in STEMGeeks.

I wanted to create a token that had very aggressive tokenomics, and did not have high inflation or heavily abused. I believe this has been extremely successful, but I don't think most understand to what extent.

Finally, I wanted a vehicle to onboard students and professors where they can participate potentially in their first crypto while talking about what they love. Unfortunately do to many circumstances and technical limitations, this hasn't been working out as much as I would have liked, but I am working on some changes to improve this.

Leo Finance

I have been using Leo since the early days of it's creation. Leo Finance is focused on Finance related content. I believe it has a unique advantage over all tribes present and future in that it is a common interest between everyone on Hive. Most tribes are a sub-group of a relatively small community. This makes it difficult to have a thriving community, Leo doesn't have this issue.

@khaleelkazi amazing ability to push the envelope and create new and exciting projects really drives this community ahead of all others. Leo Finance is making a lot of noise that is being heard well beyond the Hive ecosystem.


Cine is a new community created by @raymondspeaks as an extension of the ManCave (aka BroFund). This community is focused on movies and tv and was created only a couple of weeks ago. I was brought on board to help out as I am experienced with maintaining a tribe and I am a huge movie fan.

From what I understand, there are some interesting developments being worked on for this community. I believe this community has a good chance of attracting new users to Hive. CINE token was built with low inflation and strong tokenomics.


Archon is one of the newer tribes I got involved in. It is a general tribe which is focused on supporting good content creators rather than a specific niche. Generally I don't put much time into General communities as I feel a community for everyone is a community for no one but I like the low inflation and unique elements of this tribe. I have a few miners and a little stake, but I don't spend too much time focused on it specifically, as many times it is the same posts I am already looking at anyway.

Proof of Brain

This is the newest tribe I have looked at. It focuses completely on proof of brain with no initial supply or other forms of inflation outside of a single token issued to the tribe's account to kick off the reward pool. Inflation will half every 4 years following BTC's strategy. It even has a 21M token limit taking after BTC as well.

While it is another general community, it is unique and I see it as an interesting experiment. While it potentially can be attractive to outside users, I see it more of a Hive community, although I'd love to see it go further than that.

While I do tag some other tribes depending on the post, I mostly am focused on these tribes. I have recently picked up a good share of CTP & Vibes miners.

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Hi! Well for us the spanish comunity we have a Lot of comunities, venezuelan have too Many too. In My case i'm músician so i'm into Openmic comunity, music, Naturalmedicine, Cervantes, gems, curie, actifit, Fulldeportes, hivepets, NFTShowroom, and Many more. Is very awesome that we can create and colab with a Lot of them.
Blessings and have a nice day lml

I agree with you, a community with a general theme, it is a community with practically no definition. And, it is that people attracted by a specific topic are those who are linked by the same passion and end up identifying themselves. In other words, creating a comfortable nest there where to show the content that they like to create (nothing more delicious than writing about what one loves 🙌). For my part, I leaned towards Foddies, I like cooking. and I also like Build-it, a DIY community, however, lately I have felt that the creator of this has not continued to strengthen the expansion of it. Another community that I like is Hive Book Club, here I put my reviews of books that I read in my adolescence. Besides, I also participate in some communities in a random way, like in LeoFinance, Needlework, etc... A beautiful trip and site for each topic...

Concuerdo contigo, una comunidad de temática general, es una comunidad prácticamente sin definición. Y, es que las personas atraidas por un tema específico son quienes se ven enlazados por una misma pasión y terminan identificándose. Es decir, creando allí un nido a gusto donde mostrar el contenido que les gusta crear (nada más delicioso que escribir sobre lo que uno ama 🙌). De mi parte, me inclinó por Foddies, me gusta la cocina. y tambien me gusta Build-it, una comunidad de bricolaje, sin embargo, últimamente he sentido que el creador de esta no ha seguido fortaleciendo la expansión de la misma. Otra comunidad que me gusta es Hive Book Club, aquí plasmo mis reseñas de libros que leí en mi adolescencia. Aparte, también participo en algunas comunidades de manera aleatoria, como en LeoFinance, Needlework, etc .. Un viaje y sitio hermoso para cada tema...

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Out of your listed tribes the only one I am involved in currently is Leo finance.
Though I see Proof Of Brain as a pretty nice project which I am hoping to dive right in.
Cine is another tribe I wanna get involved with.
These are interesting tribes you have listed.

I need to check out the last three. I am out of the loop!

I feel like Leo is the only tribe that has really taken it to the next level. I would like to see more tribes building outward the way they have.

What about CCC or Sports?
I like PAL and Archon❤

My top communities are NeedleworkMonday, FreeSpeech, and CTPtalk. Why? 1. I have half a century of sewing/knitting experience including professional level. 2.I love freedom more than life itself as a gift from God nobody can lawfully take. 3.CTP is an amazingly supportive and active community. !BEER

STEMGeeks sounds very appealing. Some of these sub-communities are a bit outside of my interest, like all the financial trading stuff goes way over my head, but I have really wanted to pursue more mathetmatical studies lately. I'm pathetic at math, like high school basics need to be learned. Maybe STEMGeeks is part of the answer...

Can someone explain Tribes to me? Other than Leo Finance, the majority of the tribes appear to be the same old, ugly Steemit skin on the Hive blockchain with an added token given for content/curation. Is there more to it than that?

How do people keep up with all these front ends? And do I really have to use Steemit's butt-ugly interface if I want to curate or create content on the various tribes? I feel like I'm missing something important here.

Leo is my main tribe away from HIVE.

Personally, I'm hooked on the #MusicForLife Community ~ Which is not just for Musicians and singers. I am a huge Music fan and love to post into that Community which rewards quality content with VIBES Tokens (Tradable on Hive Engine).

  • Please check it out MUSIC FANS √

Enjoy some !wine

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I have been a member of Cat Photos since before hive was created,I don't post there often, but once in a while. I don't think they have a token.
I also use the DIY tag for my posts that involve doing stuff like building, fixing, and gardening.
Once in a while, I write a post that I can use the STEM tag on, and I have some STEM staked on tribaldex. I also have a few LEO staked, but I got into that late, and I almost never write a post that would fall under that heading.
I just recently found out about POB, so I've been using it. I have a few of those tokens staked also.
I've done a couple of post for the Music for Life tribe, and I've been staking the Vibes tokens as I can.

I am just active on Leofinance, although I have observed some accounts get rewards for particular content on more than one tribe and I have been wondering how they manage that. I mean a particular article getting rewarded with Leo on Leofinance and Hive on Hive.blog and on Peakd too.

I shall check out Proof Of Brain. Cool name

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The main ones I use are Music For Life, Leo Finance and STEM. I am about to post on the Cine one. I may not always use the dedicated sites as I tend to post from peakd or ecency.

It's good to have all these options, but I think we need a uniting brand so people know there are others. There could be a 'Built on Hive' logo, but of course Hive is a hard thing to search for. Branding does matter and I think we have been lacking in brand awareness.

I’ve been jumping in with the Ink Well tribe a lot since I’m a writer. I love STEMGeeks but just don’t default to suited content. I keep telling myself to write more for STEMGeeks yet it never happens. Chine I’m not familiar with but your post here came at the perfect time.

Just now, I was trying to find the RealityHub site and unless I’m mistaken, it’s gone. I watch a LOT of film and would like to write more reviews. Chine is going to be perfect.

I’ve been trying to get into at least one of the photo tribes but haven’t been taking enough (none) photos. Maybe I’ll be inspired to walk and shoot tomorrow.

Other tribes in either in our plan to be:

  • ChainArt
  • Foodies
  • Feathered Friends
  • Canadians
  • Philosophy

I’ve wish there was digital art and mental health tribes.

Hi, I like the variety and I have almost a year in Hive.

My favorite community is Let's Make a Collage #LMAC, because it allows you to grow as an artist and compete.

The idea of its administrator @shaka is a weekly challenge where we have to make a collage from an image that he provides.

It is a self-sustainable community because each participant puts 20% of their earnings to the community.

It is a participatory community, the winners of the contest are chosen by the Hive community, 100% of the profits are distributed in prizes.

It has a school and most importantly ALL collages receive votes.

I have belonged to several communities and I have made several contests, but sometimes you make a post and it comes to nothing, neither the administrator reads them or comments.

Or maybe it's my Latin culture, where I was taught that when you have a business you have to take good care of your customers so that they come back.

I am currently participating in OCD contests to highlight the communities. I have met communities that I didn't even know existed and each contestant receives comments on their posts, apart from the votes.

I love movies and series of various genres so I am participating in the new community of CINE

But I am not an expert critic, I am in the process of learning how to express my opinion about a movie in a review.

I also like the community @cervantes and @rutablockchain

The tribes I support:


I spent a huge chunk of my time in this tribe posting and commenting. It is my go-to place on the hive blockchain.

I don't like to spread myself thin. However, I have started to explore other communities like the CINE and POB communities.

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POB and LeoFinance
Looking forward for the ALIVE tribe to be born soon, hopefully. I love that community #iamalive! @flaxz is there for us!

Thank you for asking, @themarkymark

I can't keep up with it. At first I was into it then it just kind of faded as things became more of a chore. It's hard for me to pick and choose or commit to one or two things. I do own some of the tokens so if things fall into place and I happen to stumble into some content I enjoyed that's also tied to some of the tokens I own, well I guess then that's a vote with a bonus. I just use PeakD and whatever happens, happens. I'm kinda slowly fading into more of a consumer here. When I say 'here', that could be in a number of places, so even saying 'here' is confusing now. LOL! Sigh.

Whatever though. As long as everyone's having fun I guess that's all that matters...

I suppose at some point I've used quite a few and didn't even know. Let's just say I use Hive and that means I use them all. Every tribe, probably, maybe, at some point in the past, and again in the future, maybe, and probably, I think. I don't know.

Sounds like we kick around a lot of the same tribes. I guess that is probably why you see me all the time. Not because I am a stalker or anything like that. I leave that to all of your other "fans". :) I look forward to seeing what the CineTV tribe has in store for us!

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ClickTrackProfit (CTP) for me.

I enjoy our tribe, the community effort, and the fact that it's a large group of marketers who have latched on to how poweful Hive is. Plus @jongolson rocks as owner of the CTP site.

I intentionally created this new account just so I can upvote people on CTP with my dleased hivepower. ;)

Right now in only into POB. I really like Splinterlands but the Splintertalks is not too used right now.
The ideia behind proof of brain is really appealing to me, since you have to be original to get some good upvotes, or to bring engagement to the community. And the economics of this coin is also very interesting: The only way to mint is through votes and curation, and has a roadmap similar to Bitcoin (only 21.000.000 will be issued)
If you don't know POB yet, I invite you to join us!

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The general hive.blog crowd seems a bit crazy for my tastes. Right now i feel most comfortable with leofinance and proofofbrain. Proofofbrain being the most interesting for me as a beginner, because the rewards are pretty high for now, while it will take months for me to actually have enough hive or leopower to get curationrewards.

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My favorite tribes are POB and Leo.

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...and I have been noticing some !WIne too

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I'm only on POB, all the rest can bite it! Haha. POB is a very small niche community though, supply alone is not enough to get me to switch over there completely. U know why I'm not on LEO, and as for CINE, I don't watch movies that much, my attention span is not strong enough to get me to do one thing for 2 hours.

Why are you so stupidly writing poor quality post? Something wrong with your mental health?