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RE: dCity: A Few Questions?

in LeoFinance3 months ago

After you mentioned it to me I've thrown a few HIVE at it. Spent it in the market to get more items for my money and will see what happens.


The payout time appears to be around 6pm GMT, watch out for your crime rating going up.

I see it shows that now. Only 2% so far. I've got nowt worth nicking.

It changes at payout time, I have 2 cop shops now.. it should go down again tomorrow.

Can you have a 'defund the police' demonstration?

The "president" which you elect based on your SIM holdings can tinkering with police tax.

The tax also affects crime rate reduction by them.

I just wonder how realistic it gets. I am still learning about the mechanics. It looks like there is lots to play with.


As realistic as @gerber is willing to simulate it.

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That's planned for 2021.