dCity: A Few Questions?

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So I have kept away from dCity until yesterday when I thought I would have a go. I had some spare HIVE due to selling Blurt and so why not try yet another HIVE game.


There are a bunch of tutorials about but still, I found a few things that I couldn't answer. This post is more of a 'I have some questions' than anything more informative.

Is there some kind of log to tell me about things happening? After a few hours I found that a crime rate had been added and in this case, it appeared on the map.


What does this mean? 5% of my earned SIM could disappear, or something else?

For a while, I struggled to figure out the differences between the 1st Edition and 2nd Edition. Since then the statistics have become apparent but why a 2nd edition?

Is 1st Edition going to be discontinued at some point in time? Why even have a second edition.


Is it better to buy cards from the marketplace than gamble on spending 4 HIVE per random card? If there is a great reason to create more NFT’s, and some of these cards are going for crazy money then please do tell.

This game is even more laid back than CryptoBrewmaster. I have been watching my city and hoping someone would come along and join but it’s not happened.

...'69 popularity and still nobody is joining my city.... sniff'

Am I right in saying that a high popularity rating attracts more citizens, including the homeless?

Is the level of SIM income dependent on your rank? I know HIVE is but I am miles away from getting there.

...'39 SIM or 75 SIM?, just how much am I gonna get!'...

My stats tell me I have a 3% chance of new citizens joining my city in 2h. Is that 2 hours, it’s always 2 hours and never changes!


I was hoping for a little more excitement after being carried away a little yesterday and spending more HIVE on this than I would have liked.

Passive income is always good and it’s another early HIVE game that appears stable. I will keep going on dCity, and hope that future additions are going to add some spice to the game.


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After you mentioned it to me I've thrown a few HIVE at it. Spent it in the market to get more items for my money and will see what happens.

The payout time appears to be around 6pm GMT, watch out for your crime rating going up.

I see it shows that now. Only 2% so far. I've got nowt worth nicking.

It changes at payout time, I have 2 cop shops now.. it should go down again tomorrow.

Can you have a 'defund the police' demonstration?

The "president" which you elect based on your SIM holdings can tinkering with police tax.

The tax also affects crime rate reduction by them.

I just wonder how realistic it gets. I am still learning about the mechanics. It looks like there is lots to play with.


As realistic as @gerber is willing to simulate it.

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That's planned for 2021.

Thanks for continuing to make Hive awesome.

I couldn't even get past the opening screen. I had no clue what was going on, so good luck to you! One of my other games goes public tomorrow, so I am really excited about that.

One of my other games goes public tomorrow, so I am really excited about that.

I didn't know you were a game developer?

No, one of the games that have been keeping my eye on to play.

Get in discord mate but it looks like @dalz has you covered! Glad to see you on board. Aim for Sim income rather than population.
Thing is, it's a tinkering game. You can yourself tinkering for hours to adjust population, jobless , general efficiency etc there is so much too the game and then there is the trading aspect. The city helper bot in discord has all the info you need and lets you check out anyone's city. The main game map is simply an infographic, it's the number crunching that's the real game!

Yeah, I'm already in the discord channel.

Aim for Sim income rather than population.

Thanks... no technology then for you?

I bought the basic ones cheap, hence my love of windfarms at their low price and ability to generate 5 SIM each but I haven't spent loads on schools and unis just to get a 'chance' of free tech as they're very low earners.

I'm ranked about 140. Click on a city on the ranking board and you can see anyone's city to get an idea how the numbers are affected by the cards they hold.

I looked at your city, no education or creativity. Looks like a good way to go, though I suppose the thrill of winning some tech will be gone. Is the market flooded with dupes?

With tech, lots of dupes at T1,2 and 3. They don't stack either hence their low market price.

Dammit, I just spent far too much HIVE upgrading my city...

It's got you...no way back now. You'll say to yourself "I'll just buy this to balance that" then youll spot something else and just buy one more card to adjust that, then you'll be studying the market looking for bargains and calculating the cards with the best value returns..... Lol..anyway, you're looking good so far! Don't forget, crime only happens if you have malls, banks and casinos so don't worry about crime rate too much and most people have cities in their alt accounts so they can send cards off to maintain balance or test things out!

Don't forget, crime only happens if you have malls, banks and casinos so don't worry about crime rate too much

I have none of those things and yet there's a 7% chance of me being robbed! Are you saying all my Police Stations are for nothing and the cops are sitting there playing cards and drinking tea?