Portis solved my problem with Uniswap

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Hopefully this will help if you failed to swap HUNT to Ethereum in Uniswap using Metamask. Crossing my fingers that Google with find this post when someone ask: "Why my Uniswap swap got rejected?" or any problem related to trading in Uniswap.

What is Portis?

It is a web based wallet, so no need to download anything. Check out their official site for more information.

The HUNT Dump Hype and My Failed Attempt Using Uniswap

Following the hype of most Hivers selling off their HUNT tokens, I try to sell it off too, but failed few times. Everytime I want to swap Hunt to Ethereum my Metamask wallet just rejects it.


Metamask only alerted me of insufficient funds without telling me how much was the Gas Fee. If I never discovered Portis Wallet I might given up on swapping my HUNT token for Ethereum because Metamask wouldn't even tell me how much I need to pay in Ethereum to Approve the HUNT token.

Previously I failed using Uniswap

Before the hype, I have tried to use Uniswap. Sometimes I can swap tokens, but sometimes it got rejected. I never figured out why Metamask just reject my request.

When I almost given up, I asked myself, "What if I use another wallet?"

Changing my wallet was the solution

Now I have finally figured out what was my problem. The Uniswap network fee was shockingly expensive. Embarassingly, I never knew that at first because I was using the default Metamask Wallet integrated in the Brave Browser.

Never thought about the Gas Fee until I ran out of Ethereum in my wallet. So I had to top it up by sending more Ethereum to the wallet, pretty obvious, but I was not that smart.



Another expensive lesson to learn in crypto. Hopefully this will help people with the same problem with me.


Metamask just don't tell you exactly how much was the Gas or Network Fee. Thankfully Portis told me how much more Ethereum needed, so I can add more Ethereum to the wallet. Problem solved.

HIVE is the BEST because I don't need to pay any fee, a few HP will suffice for transaction.

Thank you for reading.

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