Shitcoins Today: Issue #7

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         It's been a while since I have checked out what it takes to become a whale in some of the Hive Engine tribes. Over a year ago, we have seen this post from @holger80 about each tribe's stats. Since then, so many things had happened. We are now on a different chain, but the community carries on. Or does it?

From Holger's post

         There are several places you could find the supplies of each tribe token. You could do so on the tribe's frontend, if they have one. You could also use{token ticker} to check out the supplies. I have chosen to take screenshots from LeoDex to supplement this post.

         In short, if we were to treat each token as if they were HIVE, there's a specific definition laid out by the chain. This magic percentage, for whatever reason, is 0.253% of all staked coins. This is where the unit of vest derives from.

         The more people power up, the threshold to become a whale becomes higher. Following that logic, an orca is 1/10th of whale, dolphin 1/100th of that, and so on.

         So, how have things changed since last fall? Let's take a look at some of the more popular tribes.

         PAL is the original tribe. A lot in this ecosystem happened because @aggroed and his team made it possible. Yeah, we all have gripes about the performance of Hive Engine. But remember, we have what we have today because of it.

Whales then: 7,243.38 PAL
Whales now: 13,182.140 PAL

         LEO is the talk of the town right now. It's the most successful tribe of the ecosystem. It's one of the few assets from Hive listed in other exchanges. The recent dip in total staked tokens is a side effect from people providing liquidity for wLEO. Some also sold part of their stake for decent gains after holding so long.

Whales then: 5,926.38 LEO
Whales now: 8,986.100 LEO

         NeoxAG is unique in that it managed to keep 90%+ of the tokens staked throughout its entire existence. It's got a very different feel from what you'd expect on Hive's default trending. It's a very active community both on and off chain. I would even say that Discord and Neoxian City are inseparable.

Whales then: 14,676.96 NeoxAG
Whales now: 74,256.26494 NeoxAG

         We can say a lot about SportsTalk. I won't even go into details about the sports content there. What surprised me was the fact that over 85% of the tokens are stake despite the ridiculous payouts. It's not uncommon to see posts with over 100K pending rewards. If you like large numbers, I suppose this is the place for you.

Whales then: 379,288.15 SPORTS
Whales now: 255,164,346.500 SPORTS

         The surviving gaming tribe token on Hive after GG died. They have a nice looking website, but not a frontend. So, you'll have to manage your stake elsewhere and vote from the #battle tag. This token found new uses in @dcitygame auction recently. As far as circulation goes, the total percentage of staked tokens remained around mid to low 20's. Do people even know this token exists?

Whales then: 3674.34 BATTLE
Whales now: 4567.21 BATTLE

         Not much has changed in terms of supply and percentage of total tokens staked for STEM either. This is the token for the various STEM content on Hive. Whether or not people know it is another story. There is much unrealized potential with this tribe, but it will require a lot of work.

Whales then: 3528.23 STEM
Whales now: 5756.301143 STEM

         How much would it take to be a whale in a given tribe? With the exceptions of LEO and SPORTS, you would only need several hundred HIVE to achieve that.

         It's a bit jarring that you'd spend more money to become a SPORTS whale than LEO if you had to start from zero. But hey, no one said this space makes any sense.

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Stemgeeks could become a very powerful tribe if given some TLC, and lots of dedication. There is definitely potential for improved token value as well.

Dedication is probably the biggest hurdle. The tribe doesn't have a full dedicated team to handle different aspects of running a community.

I do think there's also a need for a core vision. It's the belief in the core vision which will eventually become the core driver of the first bursts of dedication.

The simple option to target the token by different tags is beautiful but may also dilute the potential to bond around a central theme. Everything buckets are very difficult to make transactional. They often lack that "oomph" needed to bond around.

Addendum: Right now it feels almost like an appendix I don't have to care about... just use any of the targeted tags and done.

I agree with those points.


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LOL so this confirms I am not a whale anywhere!! You'd think at least one of them would get me there just my luck, ill just keep stacking them shitcoins, it makes my upvote lottery a lot more fun

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Shitcoins are life.

I made the most money off leo. It makes sense that a bunch of traders would know how to make a token that trades best.

Would be kind of sad if they couldn't.

This is a really interesting read because it has fancy things like facts and numbers and uses logic. The whole read shows the progression overall that one initiative can morph into a myriad of things and some are my personal cup of tea and others are not. I have a few Hive accounts (emphasizing FEW) and there are some coins I HODL but overall am more into just what the vibe of a place is like and how it's run.
At the end of the day this is business , people can say family and community and tribe but most of us are here either out of just wanting to be cutting edge or network or for the payouts.

I mean, most of us are in crypto for the potential gains anyhow.

One would be suspect of lying if they claim they are only here for the implications.

bingo , amen to that

Sports is getting better. They have a curation incubation program with OCD now and some pretty strict rules about what gets curated. I have heard the numbers are growing again and the quality is starting to go back up a bit. I think that is encouraging and has been reflected slightly in the price of the token. Sadly, I am a long long way from becoming a whale.

255M tokens is a bit of a stretch for most of us here.

I have my entire portfolio in the green thanks to knowing where to expend energy and where not to but that's a totally personal decision and everyone can do their own thing which is what makes Hive great! .......moar of a btc/eth just flat out Hive person myself :)

Looks like I qualify as an orca on some of those! I get lots of SPORTS on my running posts, but it's worth little. I may as well take what I can get. I don't really go after others so much as it's not going to make much difference to me. The LEO income is significant even though I don't use the tag that much. I'll keep holding to see what happens, but I am not really looking to buy more of anything.


I haven’t bought much of them outside of the initial several hundred STEEM HIVE worth for each of those tribes.

I bought some BATTLE recently to participate in DCity auctions. Then, I powered them up.

I'm not into playing the markets, but that can be fun for some people. I am happy enough getting extra tokens for being active. I can give them out, e.g. beer and !ENGAGE 20. I think it's good that Hive is so diverse to make it more interesting.

Gives us something to do while price ain’t going anywhere at least.

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I've never been big on the "team" thing...guess I am just destine to die broke. lol.

You don’t need to be on a team to take advantage of the perks.


Good job brother


nice post


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