🔥 Yield farming on Uniswap. My first results.

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I have been testing Yield farming for some days on Uniswap and the results are quite good.
I've decided to make a post and share with you some numbers and my experience.

Let's start:

I am providing 2,000$ of liquidity on the AMPL-ETH Liquidity pool and 2,000$ at the ETH-DAI Liquidity pool. There are the results:


AMPL Liquidity Pool

I have been on the AMPL pool for 14 days and I have now 40$ in rewards.
This is a 2% in 14 days that will be a 4% monthly ROI.
This annually is a crazy 48% ROI. Wow!

However I don't recommend you to provide liquidity to this pool. AMPL is an interesting token but with a complex tokenomics that won't feel comfortable for an average person.
This is a really risky pool, but I will be there probably for 76 more days as they implemented a multiplier of the rewards. The more you stay there, the more your rewards get multiplied.


DAI Liquidity Pool

On the DAI-ETH Pool I entered 7 days ago and I earned 24$ of UNI.
This is approximately a 5% monthly ROI.
Annually is a crazy 60% ROI.

That's absolutely my favorite Pool for the moment.
I like HODLING Ethereum and a stablecoin, because it is less sensible when you are in weak markets conditions.
In my opinion there could be more profitable pools but this is a good one.
When there is a Bull market you would like to have your tokens in more risky projects and get high rewards, but for now it works for me. I want to have more UNI tokens too!

wLEO-ETH Liquidity Pool

I am seriously considering to provide liquidity to the pool but I have just few LEO tokens and it is hard to make profitable moves with this high Ethereum fees.
By the way I hold a large bunch of miners that are creating LEO everyday and I am happy about it.

Enjoy! 😊

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Nice one .... thanks for sharing.
I entered the ETH-UNI pool :)

It has a crazy apy of 90% per year, it is risky, but I like the uni token, so I made it there. For a 2k liquidity I'm around 5$ per day ... but this can change fast.

wLEO-ETH my other one.

Can you send me a link to this Pool @dalz?


Here hope its the right one, I'm on phone. You can also search it easy ... its in the top 5 coins

Thanks! I just wanted to be sure that there weren't more pools.
For AMPL there are 2 different pools by the way.

Be patient and study the market.

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