6 weeks to go to reach 15 dolphins !

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I believe that the after fork problems combined with the low hive prices have had a discouraging effect on people.

Good news... the problems seem fixed and I see some positive dynamics on the price side. So let's go on, let's reach these 15 dolphins by the end of the year.

@rezoanulvibes needs less than 800 HP to get there. @russellstockley, @djsl82 and @rcaine are only a couple of hundred HP away from 4000. It's still possible, let's go on pushing!

The Swarm Booster is helping you

All the people that are within this ranking are supported by the @ctpsb account which upvotes their posts. But of course, it's necessary to write posts to get supported. At the moment the @ctpsb account upvotes your posts with 34'000 Hive Power and about 220'000 CTP staked!!!

The top18 of the candidates for the Dolphin Swarm are in addition supported by the @happyvoter account who votes with around 6300 Hive Power

Something great is coming to the CTPSB project...

I've had an idea that will make the CTPSB project even better. This will profit everyone involved in the project and the community as a whole. Stay tuned :-)

The Ranking


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Dolphin Swarm

UserHP 03.11HP 14.11

Candidates for the Dolphin Swarm

RankUserHP 03.11HP 14.11

Is your name missing in this ranking? If you post regularly on ctptalk then write a comment so that I may add you to the list.

DateCumulated Hive PowerNumber of UsersAverage HP / User

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We are celebrating soon another dolphin? It would be awesome to get at least 2-3 until the end of the year!!

C'mon people! Create, curate, comment! :)

Lets do this! !BEER

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C'mon people! Create, curate, comment! :)

couldn't have said it better :-)

Hey @ph1102, here is a little bit of BEER from @sandymeyer for you. Enjoy it!

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Ueeeh, exiting !

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Thanks for stopping by!

Thank you for the update @achim03
Windering what the big news are? Hahaha

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You might like them :-). I'll keep you posted soon.


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Hey @achim03.ctp, here is a little bit of BEER from @sandymeyer for you. Enjoy it!

Learn how to earn FREE BEER each day by staking your BEER.

Hey @achim03.ctp, here is a little bit of BEER from @sandymeyer for you. Enjoy it!

Learn how to earn FREE BEER each day by staking your BEER.

Just for fun let's look at the 10 accounts with the highest %growth:


Wow! I never looked at it in that way!

Nice! Great to see the individual growth :-)

TY for mention. 😀Is nice is growing team

Thanks for the mention @aslehansen.

It's just the beginning.
Too many twists and turns are still in the making.

Thanks for sharing and the mention have the best day @aslehansen

wow.... excellent...
thanks for mentioning....

Awesome @achim03.ctp thanks for sharing great post have a blessed day

Thanks a lot for stopping by!

Man, I wish something like this had been around when I was trying to get to Dolphin. It was a long hard journey. My new goal is to get to 20k HP by the end of the year. I think I am going to hit it by the end of the week, so that has me kind of excited.

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The way to dolphinhood is very long and I believe it helps to get some motivation on the way. I hope I will get to 20K by the end of next year :-). Thanks a lot for stopping by!

Good Luck!

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wow! I didn't realize there are only six weeks left this year 😮😮 time flies!! Let's push for more Dolphins! Thank you for all that you do 😉👍🏼 !BEER
Cheers! 🍻🍻

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You are right time flies by :-). Thanks a lot for your comment and the Beer :-)

Ctpsb is awesome project and growing very fast... thanks for the support and I am settings a target of 1000 HP for me by the end of the year... and yes 10k CTP staking in my kids accout :)
Thanks for mentioning...

1000 HP seems totally possible for you. Let's go on pushing!!!

Caught myself slacking a bit. Hoping to return in better form this week.

We all have these ups and downs :-). Thanks a lot for stopping by!

You're doing a wonderful job, Achim. Can't wait to hear about the new feature you are working on for CTPSB.

Thank you! I think it will be quite an intersting one ;-)

Very awesome, thanks for the work you do for the swarm!

You are welcome. Thanks for stopping by!

Wow! Swarm has expanded nicely.
CTP SB is also growing nicely.

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Swarm is growing at a nice pace. Thanks a lot for your comment!

ty for mention

Thanks a lot for your comment!

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Hey @achim03.ctp, here is a little bit of BEER from @sandymeyer for you. Enjoy it!

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Hello friend...
If it is ok then plese my kids account in list....

I had several people who asked me to put their alt accounts in the list. Some people have up to 10 accounts. To be fair with everybody, I would like to have only 1 account per person/family in this list.

No issue ..got it...