PowerHouseCreatives Contest | Delicious homemade beet arepitas.

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Delicious beet.

Today I come to the fabulous initiative of my dear @zord189, to show a dish of our cuisine. Although I am not the best example of a chef hahaha, I wanted to get started in these contests that I have always found fun, educational as well as interesting. Nice interaction between people of different nationalities, that we can show everyday things in our daily culinary work.

If you want to find out how to participate, just go to the main publication and, above all, have fun. Here is the link:

PowerHouseCreatives Contest | Damn Delicious (Contest Details).


The arepa is a dish that is a tradition in Venezuelan cuisine. While it's true that other countries claim the origin of it, it's no less true that in Venezuela, my country, it's a star icon in all kitchens, from the most humble to the most sophisticated.

The arepa is made from precooked corn flour, which is kneaded to obtain a paste with which we make the product. An arepa is delicious even with just a spread of butter or margarine. In my country, it is a very Creole tradition. A breakfast without arepa for me is not breakfast. The corn provides very good calories and vitamins that enrich the health of the Venezuelan.

Tasty Venezuelan arepas

The beetroot is a very nutritious vegetable that is mostly used for the preparation of salads. It has many vitamins and minerals that help digestion because they act as a fiber that helps the intestinal transit. It can also be used in juices accompanied by orange and carrot juice. In my country, we call it Three in One and it provides many vitamins in its intake.

However, it can also be used as a fiber that supports other foods, in that case, it is used in a raw grated form. Arepas are my favorite breakfast, I eat them every day when I wake up. For me, there is no better way to eat breakfast than with Venezuelan arepas. I always try to make them in different ways and, to make them more nutritious, I grate some vegetables into the dough to provide me with the benefits of fiber.

Below I offer you my very simple homemade recipe to accompany this beautiful contest.

Homemade beetroot arepitas.



Pre-cooked corn flour, in this case, we will use the most popular in my country, known as PAN flour.

Salt to taste.

Raw beet washed and peeled, without shell, already grated.

Oil to grease.



Warm a cup of water and place it in a container, add salt to taste.
Then put a cup of pre-cooked cornflour and stir it until you get a soft dough consistency.

Add oil to soften, just a small squirt.

To the dough already consistent, add grated beet to taste.
Knead it all together and make small balls, depending on the size of the arepa.

They are given their usual round shape (mine are very ugly hahaha), crushing the dough and rounding it. I usually make them thin and I like them to be toasted.

Place a previously greased budare or frying pan, heat it over medium heat and place the arepas there until they are cooked. The term is decided by you, I love toasts.

Then you open them and put butter and any other filling you like, in Venezuela, there are many ways (with ham, grated cheese, scrambled eggs, ground or larded meat, and many more). Everything is up to the creativity and judgment of the chef.


Everything that is done with love, no matter how simple, is always delicious.

I hope you liked my homemade recipe, I loved sharing it with you. A thousand thanks to @zord189 for the opportunity to participate and show it here in this wonderful community.


The photographs of the preparation and ingredients, are my property, taken with the camera of my cell phone Alcatel Tetra Model.

PHC's signature is creation of @zord189 for personal use in my publications.

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Thank you for taking the time for this reading.


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That looks really tasty! I've never been a big fan of beets, but the way you present it makes it look great.

Yes, thank you very much, it is delicious, something varied, different, simple and very nutritious. Try it and tell me what you thought. Thanks for your visit and support, you are always welcome! @wwwiebe

Las de zanahoria también quedan ricas y hay quien les eche calabacín rallado.

Deliciosas, con cualquier vegetal rallado porque aporta fibra y mucho sabor. Gracias por pasar y valorar, mi querida @antoniarhuiz. Te abrazo desde aqui.

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The arepas look good but I don't think I'd like the one with beets. I've never liked the beet flavor. I know beets are very nutritious though!

Hahaha, if you knew that it doesn't taste so much like beets and gives it a different taste then, the most important thing is the filling of the arepa as such. I'm sure you'll like them. Thank you very much for your visit and assessment, it is a pleasure that you visit my blog, you are always welcome. @free-reign

I'm sure I would like them if they don't taste like beets. :) They look very good!

Beetroot is delicious, mixed into corn dough that sounds like an amazing way to start the day.

That's right, arepas are a delicious source of energy in the morning and here in Venezuela, we eat them at any time, with a good filling they are heaven itself hahaha. I don't see my breakfasts without an arepa. Thanks a lot for visiting and appreciating, you are always welcome. @joanstewart


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Sounds delicious and I'm willing to try almost any food once!

Beets are known for being chock full of healthy nutrients and Creole food tastes amazing!🍳

That's right, it has many nutrients and helps the intestinal transit because it acts like fiber, it is quite healthy and useful. You can make variants with grated carrot or any other vegetable that provides the fiber in the dough. Thank you very much for visiting and valuing, you are always welcome to my blog @ninahaskin

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A mi hija le hacen a veces en el colegio arepas de remolachas, yo nunca las he hecho... de auyama si las he hecho, son riiiquisimas. Las has probado?

Siiii, son deliciosas, y también las puedes hacer con zanahoria y cualquier otro vegetal rallado. Muy buenas, te las recomiendo. Gracias por pasar y valorar, querida @blessed-girl. Te abrazo con cariño!.

Thanks for sharing your recipe. They look delicious.

They're really delicious, I recommend them. Thank you for stopping by and appreciating, you're always welcome. @redheadpei

Excelente. Es una buena forma de aprovechar las bondades de la remolacha.

Asi es, ayuda mucho a la digestión pues actúa como fibra. Te las recomiendo. Gracias por pasar y valorar, eres siempre bienvenido, @capp

I have wanted to try to make these for a long time now. What do you mean by the corn being "pre-cooked"? I love the addition of the beets. These sound so good.

Pre-cooked corn flour is a commercial variety that results from the baking of ground and boiled corn in the oven. It is an industrial process, here they sell it ready and it is one of the most consumed products in Venezuela, the most popular I would say. You know the corn flour brand PAN, from POLAR industries?. they are in almost all the world. It is the pioneer brand and for me, it has no competition. The arepas are a delicious delicacy, the infaltavle on the Venezuelan table. Thank you very much for passing by and appreciating, you are always welcome to my blog. @owasco


That looks very interesting @marybellrg, I'll have to look more closely later, but right now I must run.
See you later. Well done and Congratulations!

Success in your career hahaha you'll see it's a good breakfast when you make the recipe. Thanks for stopping by and appreciating, you're always welcome. @jerrytsuseer

This having to leave was not 'career' related, it was due to the Maintenance man here at my complex, who shares a 'Mutual Dislike" with me (and insists that I not be here when he has to come do anything) was on his way to replace my old water heater.
I'm back now, I think I'll reblog this so I'll have it.
What does "infaltavle" mean in English? Google translate didn't get it, the closest it came to was Infallible, but that didn't make sense in the context.
Happy to have made your acquaintance @marybellrg

Uy how sorry I am hahaha, I misinterpreted your career, hahaha, however, I hope you were able to solve satisfactorily without having mishaps with the gentleman you mention. I think I made a mistake writing, I'm sorry hahaha, I don't use google translator, I use deepl, it seems more reliable but as far as I can see, the one who made a mistake writing was me, I apologize for that. I wanted to say that it is essential that the Venezuelan's table is not missing, I mean the arepas. Thanks for answering and following me, I'll follow you back, I'll be happy to read you, happy to have a new friend too. A hug for you.

It is not a problem my friend, I will also have to look into deepl, as I have never heard of that.

The DeepL Translator is a machine translation service launched in August 2017. Although it has received positive press asserting that it is "more accurate" than Google Translate, no systematic scientific measurements have compared the two services.

I may still try it though. Thanks

Ohhh what a great recipe i have never had this, and never heard about it either.
Thanks for the share and congrats

Thank you for your visit and appreciation, dear @brittandjosie. The truth is a very delicious, simple and nutritious recipe, I hope you can try it someday. Thanks again, a hug for you!

I like the recipe

Thank you very much, it's delicious, dare to make it. Thank you for your visit and your comment! @angel33

I don't care to much for beets, but these look pretty good! Yum Yum.

Jajaja if you eat them in Venezuelan arepas, I assure you that you will like them. Thank you for coming by and commenting, I like your visit, you are always welcome, dear @bdmillergallery. A hug back to you.

Your so very welcome!

This looks like a delicious recipe - love seeing how different cultures cook!

The truth is that this contest organized by @zord189 was great, I also loved to see the food from other parts different from my country. Arepas are our pride, an arepa represents a Venezuelan because, wherever we migrate, we always find a way to make an arepa. A thousand thanks for passing by and appreciating, you are always welcome. @blueeyes8960

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Looks very healthy my friend.
Beets are known for their health benefits.

Yes, healthy and tasty hahaha although many do not like it, I think it is great food. Thank you for visiting and valuing my work, you are always welcome! @papilloncharity

Only a pleasure to visit my friend.
Good luck and steem on.

Hey Mary,

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I really enjoy interacting with you however am one of those users who sees excessive resteeming the same as I see spam.

As I respect you greatly I decided to comment; Usually I simply unfollow the account however I didn't want to do so in your case. I understand you are quite entitled to use your account as you see fit, as I also can, which is why I write this message in the first place.

I apologize if I have caused you any inconvenience, I also really enjoy your readings and will continue to interact through the ginabot notifications that reach my discord when you publish. Don't worry, I understand what you want to tell me, no problem if it's the fact of giving unfollow, which I think is what you mean in the commentary, right?
Relax, my dear friend, it's all right, your comment is fine and I accept it with the same appreciation that I know it's done.
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Please don't apologise, it's not necessary! You can use your account as you please and resteeming is something many do. I tend to consistently blast my followers with content they may not be interested in.

I haven't unfollowed you, just wanted to bring it to your attention. As you can see by the comments on that post I linked, many feel the same way as I do.

It's a great observation and believes me I'll take it into account because it's based on someone with experience and also a good human sense, that's how I perceive you. I will be attentive to the reesteem that I do and thank you very much for the observation because it helps my growth on the platform. Another hug for you, dear friend, really thanks again.

You're welcome.

Just do what you feel is right, have fun and engage with those you wish to. That's all there is really. I was reluctant to write that initial comment however out of respect did so. I thought you would understand, and you do.

Thank you very much, I took it as wine and from whom it came: with appreciation and much respect, that is the basis of friendship. I will take the advice and have fun hahaha that is the essence of being here, being productive and being happy. Many blessings to you.

Gosh this sounds sooo good, I've never heard of using beets to make a kind of bread! Lovely presentation @marybellrg:)

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Thank you for sharing your amazing recipe with us, @marybellrg. It looks so yummy!

buen dia mary, esas arepas se ven muy ricas, tambien con zanahoria se ven y saben rico

La remolacha es un gusto adquirido. Empecé a hacer jugo con otras verduras y frutas y gradualmente desarrollé un gusto por ellas. Tienen mucha nutrición. Su receta suena maravillosa y las fotos se ven muy bien. ¡Parece ser un desayuno maravilloso!

Beets are an acquired taste. I started juicing them with other vegetables and fruits and gradually developed a taste for them. They have a lot of nutrition. Your recipe sounds wonderful and the photos look great. Looks to be a wonderful breakfast!

Looks tasty @marybellrg, nice post 👍 congratulations!


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I love beets. I'm the only one in my family who does. Just don't waste the juice on your clothing, lol.

Thanks for sharing, and have a great day.

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Great share! Thank you :)