My Year In Sport 2020 - As Seen By Strava

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The year 2020 was successful in at least one area - outdoors activities, recreational movement, sports, ... whatever you call it.

With me, it's the consistency that counts.

Strava shows this well.

Here are some highliths as seen from the numbers that Strava crunched together for me to feast upon.

Activity every day

326 hours of activity

Most active in the morning

That came as a slight surprise. I thought I am most active in the evening.

2.894 km of running

Longest activity - 58 kilometers

Average pace

Elevation gain

I love this metric the most. The world is not flat and struggle and rewards are hidden on the mountain tops.

Hilliest activity

Top photos

2020 totals

How did your Strava year in sports look like?

Ps: I have no idea why this Year in sport feature is only available on the phone. Do they want to force people to use their app? Probably so.

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2900 km running is just amazing!

Thanks. At least 2 miles every day plus some additional kilometer :)

366 days of activity. That's very impressive indeed!
Well done, a shame you won't be able to redo that in 2021...

:))) I'll have another chance in 2024, I guess :)

You can be proud on these numbers!
I am proud to be able to do 1 day with you...

Congratulations again!

Thanks a lot! Hvala in še kdaj :)

That's really impressive. Nearly an hour per day on average, so over double what I managed. I do hope to improve this year, but I'll keep doing what feels manageable and healthy.

Stay strong and stay well.

Thanks a lot and the same to you.


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