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RE: How to build an audience

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I have some themes I post about such as running and my #FollowFriday posts. On other days something may occur to me from what I have read or seen somewhere. It took a while to build my audience, but it was largely from commenting. I used to be one of the top commenters, and may still be in the top 50.

Adding value is important. I see people do Actifit posts with one or two lines. I try to tell more of a story on my running posts using @Exhaust.

Are you going to do more with Keybase? Did you change accounts there? Ought to at least have a Twitter proof. Getting integration with Hive would be great.


Yes. I changed accounts as my account had "steem" in the name before.

Didn't someone get a Steem tattoo a while back? That's a little more permanent.

I believe more than one did.

I won't be rushing to get a Hive one. A T-shirt will do.