Look mom! I'm floating! Pushups without legs! Or only partial legs! I have no buttocks ...

in #appics9 months ago

... or thighs!

Have you heard of doctors without borders? Well this is similar but just pushups without buttocks.

Took a pushup video after my classes for #getinshapechallenge

Hands on a bench
12,5 toe pushups
11,5 knee pushups

That didn't take long.


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Great work!

Thanks! I try my best. :)

That's more than 20 reps! Please use our tag #fitness2020 and join the fun. @oneray and @olivia08 is together. I'm giving away free steem to all participants !tip !shop

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That's more than 20 reps!

It is! I must be over qualified. :D Appics only lets you add four tags but I guess I could add it afterwards editing it in Steempeak to the future videos. And I thought that only 3Speak videos would do. For #fitness2020 I thought that I could do a more overall workout. But I'll be adding it from now on. :)

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