Words and Swords

Never forget this image:


We are tiny and fragile. And we are all on the same spaceship. Fighting with each other, polluting, destroying ourselves and the spaceship with its ecosystems, is a sign of a primitive species.

Technologically we are advanced. Morally, primitive still. We look for signs of intelligent life out there, but there seem to be none in here.

We have created a system of "politics" that is a mere fashion show. We do not know what is true anymore, nor that we ever knew. Science is here to help, but the incentive to trade made us merchants and consumers, so the value is in how much we acquire. Science is thus, mainly a tool to help us sell more. Build taller buildings for richer humans, make thinner smart-phones for stupid-consumers; better tanks and rockets to destroy the others: more plastic, more livestock, more of the same products wrapped in different wrappers, all on the backs of our capable technology.

Science tells us that we are all one, connected through evolution, entangled with the universe. Atoms, cells, planets. But who has the time to embrace this reality when we are all rats in a trade-race!?

Conquerors, emperors, politicians, are self delusional. Even their victories are momentary. We should, by now, go at war with cancer, pollution, biodiversity loss, homelessness, other diseases, asteroids....not with each other.

Your tanks and missiles won't bring peace.
Your lies and fake news don't exist.
Your words are swords, that only cut
A world of wars, online or not.


And even those who use no sword,
Their words are empty, their actions fold.



Electronic-terrorism, voice to skull and neuro monitoring on Hive and Steem. You can ignore this, but your going to wish you didnt soon. This is happening whether you believe it or not. https://ecency.com/fyrstikken/@fairandbalanced/i-am-the-only-motherfucker-on-the-internet-pointing-to-a-direct-source-for-voice-to-skull-electronic-terrorism