Neutering Tangerine - Our Adopted Male Cat gets Neutered



First and foremost I would like to say hello to the #Liketu community, I hope everyone is doing well and having a good weekend, this is my first content actually to be published in this great community.

And for my first content, I would like to share photos of our adopted male cat on how we had him neutered. Tangerine is what we call him for the reason of its color which we all agreed in the house to call him that way, Tangerine suddenly came to us about more or less 3 weeks ago, and from his body built it is most likely he's approximately 5 months old, despite of Tangerine's age he seems to be tamed and very domesticated. So we asked the nearby neighborhood or someone they know that had a missing cat. And to our surprise, no one even dared to claim or be familiar with Tangerine, and because of that, we decided to adopt Tangerine instead.

Our home has been a safe haven for stray cats, in fact, I once shared in my content about Cookie a stray cat who we also adopted (here's a link to that content) Adopted Cat (Cookie). Since Tangerine is a male cat we decided to get him neutered for some reasons like the usual pet issues of cats who like to wander away from home and may not return, to the fact that we are leaving close to national roads which the cat may suffer a greater risk of road accidents. Neutering a male cat can actually bring more benefit to the pet as well as told by the vet who neutered Tangerine who happened to be our cousin anyway thanks to Doc. Quennie😁. She also addressed that neutered cats tend to live longer than unneutered ones and are less to get caught with cat infectious diseases. As you can see in the above photos of how we prepared Tangerine for his operation and the procedures done by Doc. Quennie. The operation takes place in our house, in fact, did the operation outdoors but we make sure that the instruments used are safe and sterile of course. As of now, Tangerine is now fully recovered the wound operation is totally healed and he now started to get back on his behavior of playing.

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