Mesut Ozil move rumors to RANS Cilegon FC



Good evening, I hope you are in good health and can also do activities and of course you don't forget to exercise because exercise is one of the things we can do to keep our bodies strong even in the current condition of the population because we know people who don't exercise are very susceptible to disease

Various football reports in my country are currently very excited, especially some time ago, one of the clubs in my country, namely RANS Cilegon FC, where the club from Cilegon, which is owned by an artist and entrepreneur, Raffi Ahmad, created the country. I joined the commotion because of the news that one of the world's football stars, Mesut Ozil, would join RANS Cilegon FC

Raffi Ahmad himself is one of the very rich artists in my country, Indonesia, so it's no wonder he has good communication and can also approach many great people in the world. One of them is Mesut Ozil, where it is reported that he has done communication via WhatsApp with Mesut Ozil himself but no official information has been released so far and also what is great at this time is that several media in Turkey have also reported this where the German player is currently playing for a Turkish club, Fenerbahce


RANS Cilegon FC is one of the new clubs in Indonesia that went straight up to Liga 1 Indonesia where last season they managed to become runner-up in Liga 2 and that is a very good achievement for a new body with experienced players and also very good and also really hope that one day there will be world star players who will play at the club because it will certainly raise the prestige of the club in my country, namely Indonesia