Saturday Savers Club with @sally-saver | Year 3 | Week 23 - Saturday 10 June 2023 | Win EDS for Comments


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Hello Everyone,

Fabulous sunshine in the UK again this weekend, with some parts of the country enjoying a heatwave. Here's what I've been doing:


First time in a long time it's been possible to walk through the garage 😂

Club News

Top Saturday Savers Club Author

We're changing things in rewards for voting for Top Authors

  • Everyone who votes will get a chance to win an EDSMM.
  • There's a new requirement for eligible posts - you must be a regular voter in the poll.

We're pretty good as a community at voting 😁 Let's keep it up and show everyone what great engagement and community support there is in Saturday Savers Club.

All you need to do to be entered in the draw for the EDSMM is to tell us in a comment below that you voted - we don't need screen-shots or other proof (we trust you) - let's keep the voting secret so we keep the surprise!

This week's nomination post with poll for Saturday Savers Author of the Week.

Here's the Rules to take part:

  • be registered on the Savers Chart below.
  • link your savings post by each Thursday at 12.00 noon UTC on the Saturday Savers post.
  • include #saturdaysavers in the post tags.
  • new - be a regular voter in the poll - new

If you're not already on the Savers Chart, let me have your primary (and secondary, if you have one) savings goal for the year in a comment below, so I can add you to next Saturday's chart.
Make sure you add the link to your savings post to this post to be included!

Each week, I will add the deadline for linking your post in a comment.

Exciting! Many thanks to @hoosie for organising this 😍

Earn XV tokens for reviewing dailydabs (DAB and DBOND)

Five XV tokens to @memess and @tydyrain for their reviews - many thanks!

Mint Moar EDS Tokens!

You can read about this initiative to distribute EDS tokens in this post. It started on Monday 17 April 2023 and there's over 50,000 HP delegated - follow @eddie-earner to keep up-to-date. 🤑 🤑 🤑

XV Token

All sold and invested - check the first report and regularly thereafter on the @spinvest account.

1. EDSMM Challenge

This week's challenge:

It's a great way to get to know your fellow savers, check out the posts selected for #topauthors every week, spread some love and a comment, and tell us you've voted. Also, extra prizes now for nominees - see the topauthors post for details!

Last week's challenge:

  • Voting for #topauthor - 14 Saturday Saver Club voters last week! Winner of the draw this week is @yeckingo1.

2. 365 Day Savings Challenge

It's Week 23 on our savings plan and we've added 11.06 HIVE to @sally-saver's wallet. We're up to 130.41 HIVE POWER already!

EDS for Comments

We had comments from 22 savers! With @bearmol and @alonicus winning the draw!
Week 20: we had comments from 15 savers with @ericburgoyne and @noctury winning EDS.

3. Information and Resources

EDS and EDSM Queries

The quickest way to get any queries about payments resolved is to post a message in the #eddie-earner channel of the SPinvest discord: and tag @silverstackeruk. Most problems that happen are technical bugs and are quickly resolved once we know about them. Housekeeping for @eddie-earner, EDS, EDSM and EDSMM is usually done on Monday UTC.

Saturday Savers Club Discord Chat

Join us for chat about savings and investments:

Ground Rules:

  • The SPI family motto is Get Rich Slowly. This covers EDS, EDSM and EDSMM, the home tokens for the Saturday Savers Club, as well as SPI, LBI and CL. The bottom line is that we are looking for well-researched options which bring a steady income. Good options will have an identifiable and easily accessible team (with emphasis on more than one person involved), a clear plan and use case for the token, and transparency and accountability through regular reporting.
  • Individual members are free (of course they are) to publish guides to tokens under their own account - and any number of members can do that.

Airdrops - RAGNAROK and GLX

Check the RAGNAROK Air Drop in this post.

Information about the year-long GLX airdrop for SPS stakeholders. Here's more information about checking your GLX airdrop and an interesting post and comments about DLUX.

4. Savings Goals for 2023

Remember for success - Start Small, Start Today

It can be any day, and it can be any day when you've had a break and want to start again.

  • the best way to build wealth is to save small amounts regularly.

If you know anyone else who is interested in saving, please do tell them about the Saturday Savers Club, we love meeting people, sharing ideas and supporting each other. You'll find all the FAQs in this post and all the information about the first year's progress in this post. Write a post to tell your friends and followers about us and drop a link in the comments below!

NoAccount2023 Primary Goal2023 Secondary Goal
1@acidtiger1,250 HP100 HBD
2@alonicus2,500 HP650 HBD
3@bearmol2,230 HP70 REP
4@chaosmagic235,000 HP10,000 ALIVE
5@coquicoin12,00 HP7,000 LP
6@deraaa10,000 HP10,000 LP
7@drlobes100,000 LARYNX10,000 HP
8@ducktheduck100 HBD500 HP
9@eddwood3,850 HP286 HBD
10@ericburgoyne6,000 HP150 HBD
11@fantagira5,565 HP2023 LP
12@hivecurious2,738 HP1,368 Euros
13@hoosie10,000 HP100 EDS
14@ifarmgirl-leo15,000 LP 💃 new goal: 22,000 LP1,500 HP
15@jane12895,000 HP 💃 new goal: 8,000 HP1,000 HBD
16@jfang0038,500 HP7,700 LP
17@justclickindiva667.95 HBD17,500 HP 💃 new goal: 20,000 HP
18@leidimarc700 HBD4,000 HP
19@lhes2,000 HP/LP365 daily savings
20@mamaemigrante120 HIVE230 HBD
21@mein-senf-dazu6,666 HP2,200 LP
22@memess500 HP-
23@mikezillo3,500 HP5,000 HP
24@monica-ene15,000 HP5,000 LEO
25@mypathtofire100,000 HP25,000 ALIVE
26@noctury10,000 HP1,000 HBD
27@palomap34,000 HP200 HBD
28@phoenixwren10,000 HP300 EDS
29@pinkchic667.95 HBD667.95 HIVE
30@riandeuk600,000 LVL5,000 DEC/day rental
31@rqr41,800 HP-
32@sally-saver667.95 HP-
33@servelle2,000 HP - 🤸‍♀ new goal: 3,000 HP300 HBD
34@shanibeer100,000 HP1,500 HBD - 🤸‍♀ new goal: 10,000 LP
35@stdd10,000 HP7,000 ALIVE
36@successchar57.030 SPI76.387 BXT
37@the13anarchist600 HP50HBD
38@tokutaro221,000 HP - 🤸‍♀ new goal: 1,500 HP-
39@tengolotodo.leo15,000 HP15,000 LP
40@tydynrain5,500 HP200 HBD
41@vaynard862,500 HP - 🤸‍♀ new goal: 3,000 HP188 LP
42@yeckingo13,000 HP-
43@youyowi432 HBD-

How's your week been? Did you hit your savings target? Tell us in the comments below!


@eddie-earner content contributed by @silverstackeruk and @shanibeer.
Today's post by @shanibeer writing as @sally-saver.
Many thanks to @raj808 for the banner design 🙂

EDS, @eddie-earner's income token, EDSMMs and EDSMs are part of the SPInvest family including SPI (@spinvest), LBI (@lbi-token), CUBLIFE (@lbi-token) and the @spinvest-leo account. SPInvest Family Motto: Get Rich Slowly.


héhé, I thought I was too late for my weekly report...but apparantly not 😂
So here it is:
I also voted for the author of the week!
!BBH 👍


Hello @sally-saver. I understand about walking through the garage. I have the same problem with my storage shed. But I'm working on it. I decided to live a minimalist lifestyle. Getting started is the hardest part.

Voted for SSC Top Author.

Week 23: I was able to save the recommended chart amount of 11.06 HBD. My total is now 143.442 HBD.

Hope all Savers have a good start to your week. Take care.


Getting started is the hardest part.

I agree and it definitely takes time. I've been shedding stuff from the house for two years, but I'm finally starting to see changes. I've had quite a lot of things I've been making do with and it's great that I can finally get rid of them.


I've made so much progress with my own decluttering, I've been helping a neighbor! You can do it! :D


Hey there, somehow there was some issue with the voting for me. I did leave a post in the thread to mention whom i voted for. Hopefully by next week the voting issue get resolved for me. Cheers!


Hey, guys!
The garage looks like a perfectly assembled jigsaw puzzle of a thousand pieces).

I voted for #topauthors once again this week.

Also, I reached my minor goal, so I moved on to my next minor goal of 500 BEE. Please change that in the overall table, por favor).

My report for this week:
Hive Maximalist. Saturday Savers Club. Week #35



First I voted

Sent to DAB all of my spare Hive to get the miner token not to much as I only had 29 spare Hive this week. Hope to do better next week.

Most second layers tokens were down some this week except for LEO so I did pick up some

second layer tokens.

By the end of July I hope to reach both of my goals I need 53.5 Hive to reach 6,000

and I need 3.1 HBD to reach 150.00 so I will have to redo my main top goals for the second

half of the year.

Other than that not to much new this week.

Thank you for the EDS!

Hope all have a great week.





Hi, I had a great week. I just hit 5K HP (did I beat Ed @tengolotodo or not ???) - woot woot, and had a nice weekly gain of 208 HP, which is very high for me. I'm also now earning over 1 EDS per week passively thanks to help from delegating HP to @eds-vote - so thats great. Full post here:
And I can confirm that I have voted in the weekly #topauthors poll !!!! Best of luck to the contenders.
And @shanibeer well done on getting that garage tidied up - I know just how difficult that is. I did it last year and its already back to being a jungle !
All the best to everyone for the week - cheers @hoosie


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To support your work, I also upvoted your post!

Check out our last posts:

LEO Power Up Day - June 15, 2023

I'm a too-late again saver this week. Sorry!
I could increase my HP since I bought some and my second goal for ALIVE is getting close. I added a 3rd goal which is 10k DHEDGE tokens.
See my post here: Saturday Savers Club - week 23


Voted, but commented on the wrong post 😅


My 54th Sunday Weekly Hive Goals and Progress Update

Warm greetinings savers!

This week I exceeded both of my goals and I added a couple new investments, so it was a pretty good week, even with slowish growth. I voted in the #TopAuthors poll! Thank you for the XV tokens! On to another fantastic week of building, growing, and saving! Onward and upward, together! 😁 🙏 💚 ✨ 🤙


I already voted. Here is my update for the week. I'll come back in a few days to drop my LPUD post if I remember to share it. I know I'll participate but sometimes I forget to come back to the Saturdays Savers Club to share.


The announcement post and poll are out for this weeks #topauthors
Heres the announcement post:
Heres the poll:

Please vote and upvote to support this initiative ! Best of luck to @alonicus, @hivecurious, @noctury and @chaosmagic23 !!!!!