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I was lying down peacefully in my bed, getting ready to have a good night's rest...

Umm, I cannot really boast that I was ‘actually’ getting ready for bed because I was still busy on my cellphone by 3:20 a.m. in the morning!

For a while, I have been having issues sleeping early. It had severely affected my sleeping pattern, and I knew it had to be rectified as soon as possible. I've been looking stressed lately, and my eyes are decorated with dark circles🌝. I will work on it, I promise!

Well, I was lying down, and I just stood up abruptly. I starred at my cellphone, checked my apps, and went ahead to delete my games one after the other. Honestly, I didn’t have that plan at one corner of my head before then, but I suddenly felt the need to.

I realized that whenever I get bored, sad, idle, or indecisive on what to do at a particular time, I subconsciously find myself in one of those apps and play games till I get tired. I play intellectual games though—like scrabble, 4 Pics 1 Word, word puzzles, etc.—but honestly, it’s becoming a bit addictive, and even if it’s for a while, I decided to get rid of them.


I will find other ways to pacify my idleness, or wait... What happened to reading a book if I don’t know what else to do with my time? 🌝. Honestly, I just want to see myself grow and do the things I want to do. I have goals, and honestly, I don’t want any distractions.

I left Candy Crush, though, and I don’t know the reason for that😂💔. Maybe it’s because I have reached level...

Oops! It’s actually been a while since I opened the app, but let’s take a look together.


Oh my my😂😂, these people deliberately want me to lose focus. See what they offered me. ‘I will not fall for it, Candy Crush💀😂’


Another treat?😂 Wow, just wow!

Okay, that’s it! I’m deleting the app as well, lol

Deep down though, I am glad they noticed my absence. I was stuck on the last level I got to, and when I tried several times, I left their game for them to eat😒😂

By the way, here’s the main reason I opened the app in the first place, to check the level I am at.


Level 1611.
I have tried, and I think a break is well deserved😌. Or don’t you agree?


Deleting app in 1, 2, 3…



I am not sad because I know I won’t be losing my progress. My Gmail is connected to the account, so if I ever install the app later, I will be starting from where I left off. Level 1611

The only game I will be playing on my phone is the chess game. It’s a shame, but then, the computer beats me every single time, so don’t worry about me getting addicted to it😊.

So, from now on, I will channel my mind to do more productive things in my spare time.

So, let me hear from you. Can you relate to this post in any way? Have you ever found yourself spending too much time on your gadgets doing unproductive things at times? For instance, you might surf the Internet for different kinds of content until you realize you’ve wasted too much time on it.

Also, have you ever been so addicted to any game that you felt the need to delete it just to avoid further distractions??

Thank you for reading❤️


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Yes! I can indeed relate to this post a lot because I am a victim of PS4 addiction 😩😩.

I play the FIFA game in there from morning till night and never get tired even to the detriment of my academics.

Seems we are all in the same shoe, I deleted every game in my phone then also but couldn't delete San Andreas Vice City Because of the level I've reached there

Games are indeed very addictive


Smiles... the candy crush made me laugh.... something that you thought of sparing now decided to show you its true color at the wrong timing. I hope you don't get to download the game again, because it seems you like that one the most. I can't count how many times I have seen you playing the game.


I am glad I made you laugh😊

something that you thought of sparing now decided to show you its true color at the wrong timing.

Lol, it was so funny honestly 😂

I hope you don't get to download the game again, because it seems you like that one the most.

Trust me, I won’t be downloading the game again for a long time.I don’t even have a favorite out of those games. I play the one I feel like playing at the particular moment.