Hey Cannabis Community SMTs Are Here And We’ve Got Ours!

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The actual Steem Media Tokens (SMT) aren’t here yet, but the communities necessary for their implementation are, and the actual tokens are coming soon. How these new SMTs will integrate into the current steem engine tribes like weedcash is unclear at this point, at least to me. ~
We in the steem cannabis community are so happy to announce a new way to post cannabis content on the blockchain and connected with others to celebrate cannabis culture. The long awaited SMTs are finally here, and wouldn’t you know it, our trailblazing canna team is among the first onboard. Check out this link to subscribe: https://beta.steemit.com/trending/hive-195708


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sweet - GO WEEDCASH!!!

community arent quite SMTs yet , thats later :D SMts arent here yet but almost :D

But heres 10 weedcash upvote

Thanks I’m still trying to wrap my head how all these new WEED tokens will affect the community and stakeholders. I’ve updated my post. Thanks for your enthusiasm and hard work for the community.

Hi @choosefreedom,
Interesting news. I'm glad that the weedhash team is working well. The Cannabis community is having a merry Christmas.

I love WeedCash!