Winter Wednesday Walk!

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Time to get up, get out, get some steps in and share it with my legions of followers on STEEM! Is it winter where you are? Frost here but a different kinda beauty so check out my little town as I Wednesday Walk.

You should know that @tattoodjay has a mob of people walking behind him as he champions physical activity and blockchain in one fell swoop. There are prizes and such I think but I do it for the support of a great member here and those looking to be active and healthy. That being said, check out Jay on his blog as there is much more than just walking.

Here is how it looks as I stroll in my small town in the winter.



This walk started out with meeting a good friend, parking at his place, and electing to take a nice walk downtown to have a chat and a beer. I could have met him there or picked him up and parked downtown. What fun is that anyhow and Actifit isn't going to reward you for the miles you drive! Besides, the skies are blue, sidewalks are pretty clear, and the hibernators leave it nice and thin as far as foot traffic goes.



Looking back at the beginning of our little jaunt leaves me looking like a tourist and taking a pic of the nice little body of water at the center of our town. It is really a big puddle but is nice in the summer for the water fowl, walks along the shore, and the dragon boat races which I have been sucked into participating in.



There is not much going on in Memorial Gardens this afternoon as a few fresh inches of snow lay undisturbed on the courtyard and benches. These are some of the oldest buildings in the town which would be new developments when you compare them to the European countries where this architecture must have originated. On the right is the side of one of the most popular restaurants in town and the building on the left is an old folks home I think. Nice to have sky and space right in the center of town.



Looking Southwest from the same spot, we are sneaking up on the main intersection in town. From east to west, there are only 9 traffic lights from end to end and this hub has 3 of them jammed pretty close. Makes for the closest thing to prohibitive traffic but coming from the big city, this is really not bad at all.



This is a better view of the main intersection looking south towards City Hall which you can see in the middle. On the right is the computer store for whom I run the Business Services Division which is a business-focused I/T support practice. In the summer time, the locals mainly avoid this part of downtown as there are too many tourists, not enough parking, and so many other ways to avoid waiting 2 minutes at a stop light.



The north side of the main street has the sun, some restaurants and shops. The winter season is a strange exercise in business survival as foot traffic with unnecessarily disposable income dwindles. Some of the interesting folks come out of the woodwork and it was interesting to see a fellow in a kilt proudly walking in front of the local Scottish Shop run by a terrific lad aptly named Rob Russel. Dead of winter or not, there are still plenty of parked cars but I have rarely been unable to find a spot for mind on the block I am visiting.



This grandiose and picturesque destination is the Revival House owned by a very good friend. You have probably seen me write about this place with @tasteem reviews, @jahm reggae posts, beerology updates and Weekly Zekely reports as I love it here and do a good amount of work to help with marketing, I/T support, and keeping the beer kegs fresh!



A couple streets perpendicular to the main street, the sidewalks and roads are a little thinner as you head back east toward the square. The depths of this shot is probably 500 meters or so with plenty of pubs, cafes, the corner of city hall, banks and other businesses in the downtown core. Pretty peaceful on the sidewalks this time of year or perhaps they are at the pub where it is warm, friendly and delicious.



Almost to the pub, you get a shot of the side court of a restaurant that has packed up for the winter. This is a nice space with flowers, tables and chairs in the summer at a place you can get some good comfort food, a little South African influence @jaynie may like and a little craft beer. I won't name it because I think the owner is a dumbass ignoramous and there are a dozen places better than this within 60 seconds walk.



It wouldn't be a #wednesdaywalk with Zeke without a beer. This one is a nice local IPA from, a blue sky and a beer label from overseas. We had an awesome chat and got in the inevitable visit with the other patrons in a friendly town. So interesting to talk with interesting folks who have a unique story of their own to share. This is what a pub should be I suppose. A public house with people enjoying life and conversation with strangers. A great stop in the middle of a walk.



One last view of the great big sky over the armory building where the Army Reserves HQ is. I love the old fortifications which would have been for defense in times gone past but are ornamental and interesting now. It may be the dead of winter now but a nice blue sky, friends, beer and a sociable small town make it rewarding to take a walk. The easiest and most universal of exercise bonds us all and makes for a great blog post.




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Looks like a awesome walk.. any walk that includes !BEER has to be awesome

You know it!

I found I wan't taking pics like I used to as I was focussed and trying to juggle too many things. A little walk get you back in the habit.


How you gonna be a internet sensation without pictures lol

How you gonna be
A internet sensation
Without pictures lol

                 - davedickeyyall

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.

The climate was very deserve to walking around the park and street. The sky pattern so awesome. Revival house stunning for me than others there. But your photo clicks pretty nice.
@tipu curate

Upvoted 👌 (Mana: 10/15 - need recharge?)

They are all just quick shots with the camera phone. They have come so far with that technology and it makes for a good blog tool!

Revival House is so great. I help them with everything from technology support to Marketing so I will be working with them again. Sneak peak: helping organize and run a Beer Festival in the next couple months!

Beerologist. Love it!

There may be snow in your corner of the world but that sky is certainly making promises ;)


Hey @arbitrarykitten, here is a little bit of BEER from @zekepickleman for you. Enjoy it!

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Ah, how did you know that's precisely what I needed right now?

Gratzie :) And cheers to you my friend!

We are all looking at that same sky too!

The Beerologist title was self given seeing as I blog often about it, have brewed myself, and I have helped build some breweries in the form of constructing their network and computer technology. Should take a big leap forward with some projects in the next couple months too!


Ooh, sounds exiting!

I wish you great prosperity in these endeavors, and look forward to hearing about them!

You live in such a nice town. I always wonder what the locals are up to during the tourist low season. It seems they are enjoying the low traffic and easy to have parking.
I am always surprised to be reminded by what a town looks like. There is so much open space and few buildings over 3 stories tall. Although I am sure you have some awful apartment buildings that go a little higher.

There are a few but nothing oppressive like Toronto. Nothing relaly over 6 storey and they are few and far between.

Oppressive is a great way to describe the cheap apartments in Toronto. I guess if you are making minimum wage or close to it, Toronto is going to be an oppressive place to live. I always thought, if one can find a low wage job elsewhere, it may be a better option. Tourism really helps for those jobs. Year round tourism turned the Collingwood area from a frightful place to a delightful place.

wow, snow is so beautiful, nice to meet you.

Great to meet you too! Some folks like to see the snow from afar but not live in it. For us, it is part of every year and we really do grow tired of it by March.

Thanks for taking me on this walk. It always fascinates seeing where people stroll by. I could feel the chill of the weather. Would I need two coats while outside?

Haha 1 coat is plenty.

I walk around buried in my thoughts and tactics most of the time. I love seeing other folks walk pictures and enjoy other parts of the world as well.

It looks like a pretty nice small town! It reminded me of Bracebridge,ON.

Bracebridge is not so far away. Actually a couple hours drive but I have been there last summer. FANTASTIC breweries in that area mainly in Gravenhurst. Nice town to stop in on the way to camping.

Looks like your captures, have had a wonderful day with nice weather. Love the environment with excellent shots.

It is funny that many have never seen snow and might find this too cold. It was a nice stroll and a gift for the dead of winter when it can get REALLY cold.

Looks like a cozy little town, clean and well-kept. Was your friend as excited to walk to the pub instead of ride there as you were? ;) Conversations popping up at the pub between strangers are signs there are still good, friendly folks around!

Yah he is always up for a walk and a beer and business conversation. The more beer we have, the more the topic wanders. There are good people everywhere!

Lovely capture of your peaceful town and some great shadows.

Nothing like a great walk in the awesome Canadian winter @zekepickleman. 😊

Shadows are one thing I vow to take pictures of as there are some great STEEM contests with that theme. Maybe I will be able to crop a couple of these and come up with a decent one!

Melinda @melinda010100 has a great #shadowphoto contest going.

What an interesting walk great to see more of this city it has such a charm to it, and after a good walk like that the beer must have gone down so well

Thanks for joining Wednesday walk :)

Thanks for being the leader and enjoying the pint with me!


Always a pleasure to visit your posts :)

Hey @tattoodjay, here is a little bit of BEER from @zekepickleman for you. Enjoy it!

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Congratulations @zekepickleman!
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Ah thanks man!

@Arcange has had my back over 2 years!

Nice walk @zekepickleman...a wee bit too chilly for me though :)

Yah not the warm paradise you may be used to. Less colour in the winter but I can just see your shots and it gets me through the long winter.

Lovely walk around your town, you told us all about the !BEER but did not show it. Wearing a kilt in cold weather, cold knees you bet!

Cold knees and potentially so much more if a wind whips up. Might need some of these from a video done by the Scottish Shop

I linked the brewery that made the !BEER Can't typecast myself by making too many posts about beer!

"So rugged - So warm" she said scrapping herself off the floor from laughter, yes matching, had to be, itchy rough made you way more tough!

Oh can read about !BEER anywhere, anytime always see something different.

Hastily drink them down forgetting the photo shoot each and every time over here.

Hey @zekepickleman, here is a little bit of BEER from @joanstewart for you. Enjoy it!

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Hey @joanstewart, here is a little bit of BEER from @zekepickleman for you. Enjoy it!

Learn how to earn FREE BEER each day by staking.

How could I forget the revival house? Your posts about that place, I think I have seen two, make me so jealous I don't live there. Very nice walk, and very nice post.

Yah I love that place too. So many events from fine dining, beer festivals, music shows, networking events, and all the work I do for them. Helps the owner is an awesome guy too. There will be more soon I promise!

That beer at the end is really got me hooked! I am ready to fly on over and enjoy one with you.. maybe I'll wait till the summer when that side ally is open with those beautiful flowers you spoke about :-D

Yes wait forthe summer for sure. Not a big town but SO much art and performance that you would love. Probably come away with a month worth of posts for STEEM too.

Hit me up in the summer and we will go on a pub/brewery crawl.

Oh boy! That sounds like too much fun. 😀

Beautiful images. Such a grandiose blue sky; great contrast with the remaining snow. Nothing like a good beer in the cold

Oh yes beer in the cold makes me nice and warm for some reason!

Glad to see done Dutch things Going in there. Heineken is everywhere

I am glad for the proliferation of craft beer. Before that, when there was only bullshit on tap, I had to be rescued by Heineken many times. Been a while!

You have snow! And it looks so nice!

It is not bad and the winter has actually been mild with not too much snowfall. Global Warming has its benefits?

Still, another month of this and I will be sick of it and waiting for summer.

What a great walk and I so long to take a walk in snow covered landscapes my friend.
The hottest of hot summers over here and we are frying.

Oooo frying right now sounds pretty good.

Seems the winter makes people complain about the cold and the snow. In the summer, they turn around and whine about the heat up here!

I love it all.

Hahaha, people will never be satisfied my friend.
We just have to make the best of all conditions.
Glad that you liked it!

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Hey @zekepickleman, here is a little bit of BEER from @davedickeyyall for you. Enjoy it!

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Hey @zekepickleman, here is a little bit of BEER from @joanstewart for you. Enjoy it!

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Looks like a lovely town - love the architecture on City Hall and the Revival House!
Looked like the perfect day for a #WednesdayWalk!
Thanks for sharing!

Lovely post, @zekepickleman! I do love a good WednesdayWalk! It is the cheapest and easiest way to travel the world. It looks like very pleasant winter weather for you. Snow can be delightful if the temperature is around freezing. Right now we are in a deep freeze in Minnesota, but it will be short lived.

Very interesting view of your neighborhood walk! It reminds me a lot of my own hometown downtown.

Cool photos @zekepickleman, no snow in San Antonio Texas yet. 🤞


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beautiful photographs, everything looks impeccable

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I've lived in the tropics of Asia so long that I forget that February is still winter in other parts of the world.

Nice post.

In lak'ech, JaiChai

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Howdy sir zekepickleman! This is such a fine post, really good photos and that looks like such a nice little town!

Beautiful snow on your walk.