Challenging Myself to Walk Every Day, for 28 Days

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Spring is Almost Here

And I have had a very lethargic winter (ok, well more like 1.5 years hahaha). Nuff said. It's time for me to get off minecraft, get off my ars again, get the wind in my hair, dust off the old canon, and sweat!

Many moons ago I challenged myself to daily walks, I did 28 days straight (to form the new habit) and it gave me the burst of energy to continue walking a few times a week after that. I got up to 150 or so #walkwithme's in. I just didn't feel right unless I got out there. Here I go, round 2. Wish me luck and leg breaking 😂


(Round 2, ding ding)


Goddamnit it's heart attack hill. Which the old me used to be able to get up with no issues, in fact by the end of my old walking days I could trot up it.

I'm back to square one, and I was sweating in all sorts of places I need not mention. The huffing and puffing was hideous, I was praying that no one would walk past me...thankfully no one did.

I was the only person foolish enough to be out there on this windy, horrid day. I was glad for the wind though! Very glad. It helped me not have a heat stroke from over exertion.


Even though I stopped to take a couple pics on the way up I still near died.

These 28 days of walking will have less photos than I normally take on my walks. Sometimes I post up to 25 pics. I need exercise so I promised myself I'd limit my stopping to take photos. While I did get better endurance during my old walking spree, I didn't exactly change too much in shape...

If you know what I mean, Vern.

This time I would like a few more tangible results.


Up at the top of ol' heart attack hill. You can see the whitecaps on the choppy ocean. It's normally very smooth water here. We'll call this, Proof of Wind.


I was going to take a video of how windy it was, but who wants to hear that blown muffled microphone sound of wind blowing?! Personally I hate it.


The sun came out for a moment or two, I tried to capture the sparkles on the water.

The hill leading up to that red house would be a doozie...glad it's private property lol.

Lastly, it was nice to see some local activism for an issue we're facing right now in Nova Scotia. A big company which is currently getting kicked out of B.C. is trying to set up shop here.

Basically when you open-pen fish farm in the ocean it destroys the native salmon, and pollutes the ecosystem too. Locals in our twin bays are causing quite the uproar about it. I have faith we will be able to keep them out!

End Note

This is the first post I've written in a community, I picked #OCD. I hope the post fits and I am doing it with the right etiquette, let me know if I did something wrong, or if I could make my community posting better 😃

Thank you for coming on another #walkwithme, I hope you enjoyed it! Below are some outstanding recent walks with fellow Steemians who got out there in the world and took us with them.

See life through their eyes...

The fortress and the sea - Cape Kaliakra By @onlinezz

Screen Shot 20200314 at 9.09.58 PM.png

Cathedral Wash Hike By @michaelevans

Screen Shot 20200314 at 9.13.13 PM.png

Walk with me around Fremantle, Western Australia By @kansuze

Screen Shot 20200314 at 9.15.00 PM.png

Photography of Isfahan By @h-hamilton

Screen Shot 20200314 at 9.15.49 PM.png

Final End Note

I'm gonna sleep like a baby tonight!


I literally have that windy microphone sound in my right ear all the time and the doctor says I have to lose something like 20 lbs. So, I might have to take up 28 day walking challenge soon or if Sarah gets her way: a 28 day swimming challenge... God help me!

Sending you all the good vibes I have!

Don't send me all your good vibes, you have to save some for yourself.

I used to have a bunch of Sugar Gliders and one became a bit bowlegged after giving birth to twins, so, I mustered up all my healing energy and palmed it into her hip. I think this worked because she recovered very quickly, but I came down with Planteritis in my foot. Now I'm not sure if it's related, because I had just spent a year thinking Crocs were the only footwear that I would ever need, but I still wonder if I somehow transferred it to me.

You are a super Empath~Healer! Wow~~!!!

Woohoo! So glad you're back @lynds

Things are getting interestinger and interestinger every day eh Jill!?

No kidding! What a hoot 💁‍♀️🤡💁‍♀️

YEAH the return of Lynds' #walkwithme -s! 😄 And of course I go and remind you of delicious carbs over on FB today. LOL

Hehehee, well no worries about the carb porn, I'm not abstaining from the love of my life, just adding in something to balance it out 😂

Carbs don't judge. Carbs understand.

😂😂😂 Youuuuuuuuuuu, you speak my language!

Well look who woke from the dead..

!gif sleeping beauty wakes up

You'll be trotting up Heart Attack hill soon enough...that is if you really want to, but if you don't want to, don't do it...unless of course you have a pack of wild beasts chasing behind you. (Does that make any sense????) Anyway, happy walking.

Yes, it makes sense, it's all about the voluntaryism! Thanks for visiting me @angryman 😇


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What does the bible say about spamming?

Matthew 7:6 "Give not that which is holy unto the dogs, neither cast ye your pearls before swine, lest they trample them under their feet, and turn again and rend you."

Which, when used with the following:

John 6:44 "No man can come to me, except the Father which hath sent me draw him: and I will raise him up at the last day."

Seems to point to the idea that the most one should do is lead by example, and if God wants those around to be drawn to that light, will nudge their heart in that direction. In the confusing paradox of the free will/predestination dilemma, one can see examples of this as far back as Moses. God hardens Pharaohs heart each time Moses is sent to ask for freedom, each hardening causing pain and suffering on the peoples of Egypt. One can see that Pharaoh was not allowed to say yes, his heart being hardened not to.

I could go on, but I could tell you were asking rhetorically. I guess I'm as guilty as they are, lol. Hopefully they might read my response to your rhetorical question and ponder on the path forward understanding that examples shown as light are what their faith calls for, not what they are doing which calls for their message to be trampled underfoot.

@practicalthought, thank you so much for the lovely gift you sent me! I always look for your posts, and hope to see you around here as long as this ship is still sailing. Also hope we can stay connected even if things break down here. Make sure to touch base if you're leaving so we can exchange other contact info with each other 😻

Thank you for the kind thoughts. Will figure something out, as right now this is the only social media I use and have been reluctant to post PI here on the chain given the topics I used to cover.

I suspect things are cooked here, and I have lost faith in exchanges as well (not that I ever held them in any kind of reputable standing). In the west, what passes for justice is paid for, and it is easy to see who has the deep pockets and establishment on their side. Given how the witnesses and many others have always relied on the centralization of Steemit to run nodes and most of the development, I can't say I foresee many of them stepping up out of pocket to create a forked chain, I also saw that many of the previous Steemit employees are talking of an entire new chain. I may look into either of those options for keeping lines open with those like yourself whose hearts have humbled me, but not for any type of investment reasons.

Please stay safe in this growing uncertainty with the Corona. Not sure what to make of it given the contradictory information (along with the hiding of facts), but at best this will certainly be an economic pandemic that will affect all of us.