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Cassava Chips are not only used as a snack but can also be used as a side dish to eat when facing difficult economic times of the family. Spicy cassava chips can last for days without needing to be reheated. This certainly can help people who often lack food.


As a local food ingredient in Indonesia, cassava sales value is often considered low and inferior to food from outside the area. In fact, at an affordable price, cassava can be made into many dishes that taste delicious and the nutritional content makes us full longer.

So, this time I will share the recipe about Spicy Cassava Chips that my family often makes as a snack or served as a side dish to eat rice.

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In my opinion, this recipe is not too complicated because the results can be stored for several days for side dishes.



  • 1 kg of cassava

  • 1/4 kg Brown Sugar

  • 5 tablespoons of sugar

  • Salt to taste

  • 150 ml of water

  • Oil for frying cassava

  • For finely ground spices: 5 cloves of garlic, 7 cloves of red onion, 15 red chilies, or you can be adjusted to taste.


Cooking Instructions


  • Peel cassava, and wash thoroughly.


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Cassava Slices3.jpg

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  • Slice the cassava thinly so that the texture becomes crispy fried cassava.


  • Fry the cassava slices first until they turn golden brown. Remove and drain.
  • Prepare fine spices. Blend all ingredients (5 cloves garlic, 7 cloves shallot, 15 red chilies)
  • Heat the oil. Saute the spices until fragrant, then add water, sugar, salt, and finely chopped brown sugar. Cook until thickened.
  • After the seasoning thickens, add the cassava chips.
  • Mix well until all seasoning is evenly distributed on cassava chips. Cook for a while, then remove from heat.
  • Cool before storing and put in a jar.

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Spicy Cassava Chips are also usually popular as traditional snacks served on Muslim holidays, Idul Fitri.

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These cassava chips hold more than a week with normal temperatures. But that is depending on the level of seasoning humidity on cassava chips.


Final Thoughts

Spicy cassava chips are a favorite of me and my family. Usually, we enjoy it as a snack. But when we're having a time of economic hardship, we can count on this Spicy Cassava Chips as a side dish to eat rice.

Cassava Chips with Rice3.jpg

Making Spicy Cassava Chips is not complicated. And the durability is quite good for the side dishes category, this makes this dish suitable to be saved for side dishes that save expenses.

The spicy taste mixed with sweetness because it uses brown sugar, this can make the rice become more mouthwatering. So it can be a delicious and inexpensive side dish.

So, what do you think about this recipe? Please give me feedback and thanks for stopping by!



Thank you to creator @vegansofsteemit @lenasveganliving and host fruits and veggies Monday @plantstoplanks It's great that there is a vegan ecosystem in Steemit to further spread awareness of consumption of fruits and vegetables.


Cassava Chips with Rice2.jpg


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I approve of plant-based posts.

I approve of plant-based posts.

Looks great indeed

Thanks for sharing:)

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It is very interesting to learn the importance of this humble root! And these spicy casava chips sounds delicious...............I always love to see your posts my Dear @tipu curate

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Thank you so much 😊

Thank you so much, Dear.

Have a great day!

You are most welcome Sweetie, wonderful day to you too 💖

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Thank you for the beautiful recipe! I am really looking forward to trying this. I really love the pictures and step by step recipe. Easier to follow. Bookmarking for sure.

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Can't go wrong with the simple root vegetables! They really are some of the easiest things to cook, and can be found for quite inexpensively. Here potatoes are the main veggie like that, but it's always fun to see which ones are common all around the world. :)

These spicy cassava chips look delicious. It's great for both snacks and side dishes. Thanks so much for sharing your recipe with us. ;)