Facebook to charge if you don't give them your data

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Facebook survives on your private data, in fact that's pretty much all they are about these days. Facebook bought Instagram for $1 billion in 2012 to extend their reach on private data.

Over the years, Facebook has been getting better at collecting and ultimately selling your private data to advertisers and anyone else willing to pony up the cash. What Facebook hasn't been vigilant about is protecting your data and is in numerous lawsuits as a result.

Facebook is not too happy about the recent changes Apple enforced with iOS 14.5 on app developers and private data. Under iOS 14.5, users will be able to opt out of the collection of private data in apps and have more control of what data they share.

Facebook is suggesting it will no longer be able to keep Facebook free if it cannot get access to this private data. After upgrading your iOS devices to 14.5 you will receive a pop up similar to the one below encouraging you to allow them to collect your private data. Instagram is doing the same thing when it detects iOS 14.5 on your device.


While Apple strictly forbids any incentive for enabling private data sharing and tracking, they have no released a statement on this practice yet. I suspect it won't be long until Apple speaks up and discourages this practice.

There was a report done back in 2013 I think that reported almost 70% of apps stole private data and over 35% of them collected data not related to the app. While this was a larger problem on Android, Google has been cracking down on this behavior as well.

Privacy is critical on the Internet in this day and age. Apps are trying to collect more data with fewer disclosures and with inadequate protections in place to secure it. Most individuals hacked are the result of third party compromised systems leaking important information enabling hackers to use it nefariously.

While I use Apple devices, I hate Apple with a passion, but do have a lot of respect for their recent stance on security. For years, they made jokes how PCs get viruses and Macs don't while having a completely irresponsible stance on security. In the last decade Apple has put on their big boy pants and started to take security seriously making their devices more secure than anything else out there.

I highly suggest you minimize the amount of personal data you willingly hand over and take every step to protect it. I deleted my Facebook & Instagram accounts a while ago and use as much random data as possible when creating accounts.


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Dear Facebook,

Fyou GIF-downsized.gif

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When Apple is schooling people about issues of morality you know something is seriously wrong.

Facebook still exist? Really?!

I'm negatively impressed to see how strong this platform can still be.

Facebook still has a strong influence in my country. Most FB users now focus on groups. Most group users use the platform to sell products and services.

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Yea, it's crazy how it's still alive and kicking, but unfortunately, that's a reality.

Also, a lot of people say they quit Facebook but are heavy users of Instagram and/or Whatsapp, which, in the end, is almost the same thing.

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For once I feel like I’m not gonna push the ”remind me later” for months on end 😅

There will be positives and negatives both from this, the positives will be that people will be discouraged to use FB if they implement this payment system and that's good that people get away from this crap of controlled information, and the negatives will be that people who use it to promote their businesses and work will have to shell out something additional from their pockets.
Some years ago I had started my page on FB promoting my Meditation and Yoga site, and it would hardly get any visibility by itself, I would get a payment notification if I wanted to make my posts visible. So anyways I guess they are already having their control mechanisms now also, as to which content will get noticed and which will not.

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Yea, that's true.

I have a few friends who tried to advertise their business on Facebook but they gave up because if you don't keep paying them, you will keep losing visibility and reach.

Things are a lot less organic in there than they lead people to believe.

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Pay to use Fakebook...lol...


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I see memes...

At least it's not dead people...


dear fuck!

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FBIbook ;)

If Facebook starts charging its users, there will be an exodus of folks from Facebook leave.

I think a lot of people will "rage quit", but eventually go back after half the people they know just pony up the $2 a month or whatever to avoid having to look for something new. However, a lot of people probably will look elsewhere. Hopefully they find something better.

That's true... I think many would prefer to pay just to avoid that hassle.

As for those who eventually quit, I hope they come to the decentralized world, or they would be risking just trading an evil thing for another.

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Honestly, I think it’s worse than that. I was driven away from FB due to a temp ban for too many friend requests. I felt it was FB’s lazy response to lazy parents who didn’t want to be bothered by monitoring their kids’ online activities. My reasoning is pretty much summarized in the example of a parent messaging me to inquire why I was friend requesting an 8 yr old or something (who according to TOS at the time shouldn’t have even had an account. I never checked who I was friending. It was just an outlet to spread news (and sadly propaganda in hindsight). If I got a “you might know based on being friends with...” I just clicked and moved on.

In hindsight I can see that as mildly problematic just from an etiquette point of view, but I was still in the honeymoon phase, so to speak, and trying to maximize exposure to serious social issues (mostly cannabis/police reform). Getting banned for exercising an option they put in front of me just rubbed me all kinds of the wrong way. Factor in FB only selectively enforces ToS and it was enough to send me looking elsewhere. I found Steem and it aligned with my interest in crypto so it was an easy sell for me, despite it being a shithole right up until The Forkening.

The point is I had legit incentive to bail, and lucked up. There were “Goldilocks conditions” that got me here. I think most people settle for too cold, not realizing (or even caring) just right is within reach. It’s just too much effort on their part, just as it was too much effort for that parent to monitor their kid. It was easier to let them run amuck then bitch at playground management when the kid got too close to the bigger rides. I equate it to this analogy: I’m an adult. I go to a bar that scans id to ensure only adults are present. I buy someone a drink but it turns out she’s only 20 (legal drinking age is 21). I get charged for contributing alcohol to someone under the legal age. Not cool. I trusted the system. The system failed. I’m held accountable. I call bullshit. I gotta stop rambling now and get ready for work. Thanks for letting me rant. 😊

Thanks for letting me rant.

No worries! It was quite a good point you raised... I've never been a heavy user of Facebook so I didn't think about it in that level of detail but you are right. Thanks for sharing your ideas!

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The kind of data these tech behemoths gather is beyond comprehension. I have run ads on the FB ecosystem for more than a decade now and the data has become more and more granular / precise. Installing Messenger on your phone is more than insane; the amount of data this app collects in the background is mind-boggling. The need for decentralized ecosystems has never been bigger!

Well said. I know a lot of people who install a lot of apps and don't even bother to check the permissions the app requires. They are just huge data-sinks.

We really need decentralized ecosystems to go mainstream.

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I realised I had no use for Facebook and deleted it a while ago. It's only useful for stalking exes and old crushes as far as I know. So why bother?
The feed is crammed with ads that make no sense and recently my mom clicked on one ad that got her WhatsApp hacked.
Instagram is a bit difficult to let go of. But I'm working on that.

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Facebook is great for keeping your family up to date. Just not worth the cost.

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Not worth it at all

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If my data is so damn value then why don't they pay me for it?

If you haven't seen "The Social Dilemma" I believe you might find the answers to this there.

They want your data to show you relevant ads on your feed and stuff that you like. It's all business

They are just being full of shit, their servers can easily aggregate visited pages and generate profiles based on activity within their site it does not need anything else. The data they are asking for is not on their site say browser history and crap and that is just how it should be. Those businesses can also go get screwed as most ads that get seen are from corps anyway.

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I kinda worked for Facebook indirectly for 2 years. Most of these data collections is for the relevant ads, get sales for their clients. Idk much about companies aquired like whatsapp. It's pretty scary, they probably have shared passwords and keys that people shared through chats.

Relevant ads based on information external to their website. I think that is the main thing for me and these sites should work with what they got and if what they have is my limited activity visiting a few pages then deal with it, ontop of that they already get my IP etc anyway without asking and from what I know that is about as relevant as any ads get. Meh I just don't think it is a big deal they have many ways to extrapolate data from those who actively use them. Just another hissy fit is what it is.

Most of the websites and apps get your IP address without your permission. I use vpn all the time.

yup and that is the scope of their advertisings relevance 🤣 even with all that data.

Even Google does the same lol. 🤪 I like facebook only for work, I don't usually use it lol.

They actually running ads to try to convince people that small businesses cannot survive without targeted ads. Of course it is for relevant ads, but have you seen all the data breaches Facebook has had? Have you seen how much data they said they wouldn't sell but yet still sold? They are not exactly a good custody of data.

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True.. that's another thing...

A lot of people I know that use Facebook either never heard or simply don't care about those breaches. I don't think a lot of people are aware of what their data mean to them or the companies that are stealing said data.

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They are also selling your data to third parties

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Yes can't deny that.

Imagine charging lol talk about a way to totally kill your business. They are old news and getting replaced. Days in the sun are over for Facebook but Instagram still has a lot going for it.

While I have nothing to hide which is a common answer for a lot of people. It comes down to it's your information and it shouldn't be sold. It feels moral wrong on all levels for a company to profit off your data. Let alone they leak this data all over passwords, email, phone number, address or worse!

They are not going anywhere. Many are ignorant to what the true cost of Facebook is and many just don't give a damn.

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Yes, too many people are ignorant sheep.
Even when Facebook is clearly the enemy of the cause people are advancing, they continue to use it.

I've warned people multiple times that using Facebook for groups resisting COVID tyranny is like the French Resistance publishing their membership and plans in Der Sturmer.

But they still do it!

Facebook needs to be brought down by the weight of lawsuits that will bankrupt them and destroy their immoral business model.
Its happening but the Courts move slowly.

After Facebook and Instagram like that, now the Whatsapp application is also like that in our country. The WhatsApp application has also been purchased by the Facebook company. In my opinion, now is the time for hive developers to create conversational applications with hive networks, of course. although the application will be paid. I think there will be a lot of interest.

I agree. It would be a huge hit!

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Those old Mac vs PC ads were so stupid. "Use our products because they're not popular enough for criminals to bother making malware for it" wasn't a great sell to me.

Those commercials were a joke, everything they made fun of Microsoft about they did themselves, if not worse.

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Great to hear that the tech giant Apple is doing something about private data! However, crypto is still eons ahead in technology and methods, the real world needing to learn lots about it. Personally, crypto media is much more better than real-world media. The community, the activity, the content, and so much more make it so unique and beautiful that it is difficult to find a good challenger elsewhere. There is hardly any ads, and even then will you get rewards with the ads also being generalised, no data being played into action. Also, you get crypto for using the media, which is amazing! Getting paid to use the media!

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I'm pragmatic about Facebook. I use it for a couple of groups who will not operate anywhere else and hardly post anything there. I won't give them more than the minimum data I can get away with. The feed is so full of ads so as to be almost unusable now, so I mostly just react to notifications. It's not viable to get all my contacts to migrate elsewhere and the options are limited for private groups. At least my kids don't really use it.

Same here.

I keep my account basically because of one group. It's a guitar group, by the way, and I keep trying to bring them to our guitar community here but it's being hard to get them to drop Facebook.

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Groups right now seems to be main reason for FB. Outside of that it is reshares of aimed meme

I get more out of Twitter. We can't even go back to Yahoo Groups as that shut down. I block a lot of stuff people share on FB as it's just junk.


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I have a fake Facebook account for my Occulus (required, and against their TOS to use a fake account, as they force you to give up your data to use an Occulus) as well as some 3D printing groups.

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If you're still on facebook, it's time to get out. Imagine paying for that crap!

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Never been a fan of Apple, but I'm glad they are putting accent on security recently.

What about those screenshots?? No way to refuse the tracking? Clearly a Dark Pattern here...

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I hope Facebook will be forced to take themselves paid for people to use the service. That will be a sign that they are unable to steal data anymore, and whenever people will have to pay to use Facebook, lots of people will stop using it, and when you suddenly realize that your friends aren't using it anymore, then you will stop as well. They will for sure try to come up with some creative solutions to the problem, but I hope both Google and Apple will make it harder for them to grab our data (like you described), and that Facebook will be stepping down from the throne of social media.

Well, it will be a hindrance to those of us who are advertisers on Facebook if Apple goes through with this security stand of a thing

But then I must say if they do, it is good because people's privacy is important on the internet, and personal data should only be gotten if the user allows it

I hope that Apple will not sneak behind us, and remove the security [protection as you said, and if Facebook decides there will be no free.facebook.com after this, it will be a good call

That is because people will always have to log in to Facebook with data, and they will see the different adverts that relate to the kind of purchases they do on a daily basis

I guess it will be a win-win for everyone

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I'm totally out of Facebook anyway. Deleted 90% of my information a few years back, deleted it from my phone and haven't logged in to the site in months. Don't have Instagram and have been busy building my profile on web3 sites.

Why would i waste time there when I can add value by using crypto sites. Eventually my friends will follow the same path when they wake up too.

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wake up? yes inevitably, but when?
the early web3 adopters like us are taking it to the next level. Moreover, we do gain benefits. Most people are gonna join at the end of the path. I mean when it becomes a common/usual thing which won't be as beneficial as now within the next years (I believe between 2025-2029).

Facebook sucks so much. I ran greasemonkey scripts to nuke my entire account as much as I possibly could, unliking, uncommenting, removing all tags, all watched videos, there is so much data they collect its pretty sick.

If I could get on a paid version of facebook with no ads no tracking and better data protection, and I can just connect with my friends and family, I'd 100% go for it. Privacy is wroth it.

Time to delete my account lol

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It is sad that this is what Facebook have turned into,privacy is very important and I would not want to sell out my privacy just because I want to be active on Facebook,I will delete my Facebook account soon,I do not want anyone to intrude into my privacy....

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Yeah pretty much the only logical thing to do, to me it's sad on another level because I was a early adopter in 2006 of Facebook and watch it go from a blog like hive to what it is today.

Wow you have been on Facebook for more than 14years,that is a very long time..Facebook should give you a medal...lol.....@phusionphil

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They should give me my cut of the profit generated by selling my private information to the highest bidder.

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@phusionphil lol at least if you are going to be selling my data,I should be able to gain from it...

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Ya, fair trade.

Lol..that will be a good deal...@phusionphil

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I will delete my account too if this news turns out to be true and not a rumour...@phusionphil

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Hopefully if they start charging people to use their failedbook,people will cop the Fuck on that could be the final nail in their coffin.

Havent used FB for a while, closed down many pages but they where never actually deleted by FB and I still get emails trying to encourage me back to the platform.

Once they are prepared to lie to their users and steal private Data they should have lost all their users, but some people need to be weaned of FB like an addiction.

With any look they will join the Hive and Leo social tribes and help grow the ecosystem. That could be a good thing

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While I use Apple devices, I hate Apple with a passion

As ironic as it may sound, I know the feeling.

The only reason I still have a Facebook account is to try and bring a few people that I care about from there over to Hive. It's my only form of contact with those people and I really wish they would just stop using that data-stealing platform and joined the decentralized world.

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And you just reminded me why I deleted my fb account ages ago @themarkymark

It's crazy how these sites collect everything... A friend who has Facebook on both his phone and computer said he discussed something with a family member, using the phone as a phone (imagine that?) and had never done any searches on the subject. Suddenly ads appeared about it, and they were really specific. Coincidence or spying...