"Fantasy Station"

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Hello! MY drawing- "Fantasy Station" in technique with using point.
I using black paper and white ink pen.


I depicted a station with cut down trees, as a symbol of how a person destroys nature.
The main symbol in this drawing is a train "Hope" with a locomotive- tree, as a symbol of hope that mankind can harmoniously coexist with nature.

And a girl with jellyfish hair, as an example of such a person who cares about the around world and dreams of leave on such a train "Hope" far, far... to a brighter future.
Thank you for watching!


Wow... very cool black and white ... I hope you try fraim it... it looks then more cool... white paspartu and plack fraim

Thank you so much!

😋😋☺👌 I be soon back

Wow , I LOVE it! 😀
I have never seen a hand drawn picture look so good before. It looks like it a fantasy picture made by stars in the night sky! So cool, thank you! 😀

Thank you so much!


What a creative and original work. Beautiful job, Tais!

Thank you:)

Just incredible. As most of your works. <3

Thank you!