Listening party for my album this Saturday

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I released my debut album of original songs at Christmas. This is something I have wanted to do for a few years and I pushed myself to get it done in order to give it to family as a present.


I am not looking to make lots of money from it, but I put it on Bandcamp with the option to pay and a few kind people have done so. So far I can cover the cost of the CD labels I bought. I am not looking to make a lot of physical copies, but will do a few more for friends. I may be prepared to do one for anyone who pays me enough, but I could just make the files available for you to do your own.

I mentioned the album in the discussion during the latest @atomcollector show and the host Jux offered to do a listening party. I understand that what happens is that he will play the album on his Youtube and people can chat about it on Discord. I will be there to answer any questions people have about the songs or production process. It will start at 8pm GMT on Saturday the 9th.

This is all a new experience to me as someone who has made music for years, but not considered putting out a recording. I started writing songs for fun just a few years ago at what I might call a 'mature' age.

Rock on!


Really looking forward to it!

awesome! I'll be there!!

Perfect reminder for me: I still need to listen to your album.
Cool you also created some CD labels; Always nice to have something physical.

Our own HIVE member @mfarinato is using a super nice alternative to CD labels: He has postcards that he'll send to people giving him the details.

Hope your album has some cool success through Bandcamp.

Hello.... How are you. Tomorrow i will send you your "copy" just arrived :) hugs from Italy and thank you so much for your help

All good, and super; Looking fwd to my first ever postcard as album cover 🙃

How fun! That should be really cool. It will give you a chance to explain where your head was at when you were writing each song. Very neat stuff!

excellent effort, I look forward to listening in on Saturday

this is really nice. I am sure you should be happy about this .. I like the cover of the album.

Happiest New year to you. You were one of the few who made 2020 a great one for me

Cheers. I do what I can to make the world better :) Had to make the most of a bad year, but I hope this one will be better.

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