HiveJourney: Navigating the Hive Blockchain #6

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Hi everyone, first, I would like to apologize for not being able to provide an update. This should have been posted a couple of weeks back, but it's only today that I have time to publish anything I think is substantive enough to warrant an update. To those who haven't read my previous update, you can find it here.

Aside from almost nothing to report about, my previous weeks had been a busy day at work and in my garden. I always try to maximize my time prepping my plants for the upcoming summer so I will be able to sell as much items as possible. I still have time for Hive though it is mostly for reading updates from the accounts that I follow and looking for developments across the blockchain which I think will benefit my Hive existence. One major change though, is that from hereon, my #hivejourney posts will be posted using the LEOFINANCE interface. Anyway, nothing much has happened to me (in Hive) in the past four weeks but still, I would like to share what transpired since my last #hivejourney post.



In the previous months, my posts consist mostly of Actifit content. But recently, I struggled to post any posts relating to Actifit . Not because I was not able to meet the activity numbers. In fact, I always get more than 5k activity numbers every day, but posting it using the app seems like a herculean task. Hopefully, in the future, with my planned approach (see the 2022 CHALLENGE section below), I will be able to post my activities using the Actifit app on a regular basis.

A couple of weeks back, I was requested by @romeskie if I can write something about Hive, or anything related to it. I did find time to write, since the topic had been lurking in my head since last year. I am glad to have published SHADOWING: The Art of Stalking Productively in Hive. In a nutshell, it's about playing Big Brother in Hive and see how (your targeted) people do things in the Hive blockchain in the hopes of replicating what they do or even accomplish targets in a better way than what they had.



For my Splinterlands account, I managed to finish the Bronze III league last season, despite the fact that I only sat twice in that period to play the game. Not that I have lost interest, I just did not have the time to play it. I cannot share what I've got as rewards as the system says I already have claimed my rewards when I logged it to my desktop. I think that happens when you have pending rewards then you use the mobile website (for my Android phone) then you access the website again, using a computer (for the desktop version) even if you haven't done any claim. I have no idea how (I know there must be a way, probably a technical one) to figure out what cards have been rewarded to me, aside from manually checking what's added to my card collection.

I hope to allot some more time to play the game in the coming weeks. I have mixed feelings about the introduction of LANDS into the game. While I am excited that it will bring new features and strategies to make the game more competitive, I am also worried that those who do not own any land will be in a great disadvantage. Again, this will be dominated by those who already massive financial resources to purchase lands and boost their accounts. Let's wait and see how this unfolds.


I am feeling positive about my 2022 Challenge. As much as I am tempted to add more targets, I do not want to put myself into a position where I will be stressed in meeting those in the end, as a result of biting more than I can chew. For my total Hive holdings, I currently sit at around 28% of my target of 10,000 HIVE at the beginning of 2022. I am very optimistic on this target as I am confident I can reach that target even by just allocating some funds to buy HIVE on a regular basis, for example, every two weeks.

For my LEO target, it's a long way to go. My plan is to post in LEOFINANCE on a regular basis and at the same time delegating to @leo.voter and increasing that delegation through time in order to earn passive LEO tokens income. If I manage to achieve my HIVE target ahead of time, I will allocate succeeding earnings to pump up my LEO holdings.

Regarding my Splinterlands target, I also have a long way to go. My plan now is to allocate more time in playing the game and hopefully, increase the number of cards that I own and sell the rest that I do not use so I can add my acquired DEC tokens to my holdings.

As for my reputation of 70, I think I can achieve that target within the specified timeframe. I just need to give myself more time to write content, so I can keep on increasing that reputation as time goes by.

In the past weeks, I have come up with my plan to attain my targets within my set deadline. In marketing, especially in the multi-level marketing industry, the popular approach is leveraging. But in the MLM industry, it is more of multiplying (through your downline) yourself in creating streams of income to achieve your financial goals. For my own targets, I will use this leveraging method to somehow hasten up my accumulation of HIVE as well as my other target tokens by investing in other income opportunities across the Hive blockchain. Currently, here are the three major strategies I have in mind. Please know that all of these are fund-permitting (which means I can't for certain promise to invest money in those on a regular basis.


If I am going to add as a token target in this challenge, alongside with LEO, it will be ARCHON token. I believe this project has a lot of potential and I see the token increasing in value through time. One of the good things about this token is its miner token equivalent (ARCHONM - ARCHON miner). Aside from being able to mine ARCHON tokens, having the miner tokens gives you extra income by also giving its holders Hive rewards. It's not that much but any amount that can accumulate over time is a good thing. My plan is to gradually build my portfolio of ARCHON miner tokens through time. Currently, each ARCHONM costs around 90 Hive.


Last week, I bought about 200NZD worth of HIVE. I was not planning to stake them as HIVE Power. In fact, I used most of it in buying cards from FARMFARMER.FARM, a NFT website run by @aggroed which is currently in its early stages. I believe this project also have its own potential. I think these cards need to be staked (in the future) to mine FARM tokens. Being early in the game has its rewards but also have risks. But I am confident in the team behind the project and I know that by investing early in this will benefit me in the long run. Here are the cards in my collection as of this writing.

- AFITX tokens

I planned this months ago, even before the COVID-19 pandemic started. The approach is simple - I will accumulate AFITX tokens to up my ranking in the Actifit app and at the same time to increase the value of votes I get from @actifit because of my improved ranking. While I consider this approach to be on a slow pace (how it will affect my overall targets as a whole), I see Actifit as a great app and investing in AFITX tokens is a good thing. The additional challenge for me is to regularly post my Actifit activities as I won't be getting the rewards of this approach if I don't post.

As of today, here’s my current stats.

This post has been too lengthy already, I hope you got something from it. Please know that while I may or may not benefit from many of the things that I did or that I will going to do, I do not want to give people financial advice to do the same that I did. However, if I am one of those people that you want to shadow, this post may help you see the things that I do in my Hive account. It’s for you to decide then whether to replicate them or not.

Thank you for reading and I hope you find this post interesting. I appreciate your comments by commenting below.

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