Stolen Bitcoins given to the poor!

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A group of hackers stole bitcoins and donated them to charity. It is said that the criminals have already stolen millions of dollars from various companies. As they themselves said they want to make the world a better place.

Is this the modern Robin Hood?

There was an article in Darkweb where a hacker gang named Darkside boasted of donating 10,000 bitcoin to two organizations for charity.
However, such a wonderful gesture was rejected by one of the Children International organizations and did not accept bitcoins.
Hackers attack the systems of large companies and then want to ransom bitcoin.

It is only fair that some of the money that the companies paid will go to charity.

No matter what our job is, we are happy to have helped change someone's life. Today we sent our first donations

So far, only hackers have sent 0.88 bitcoin to two organizations, one of which is helping poor children and families in India, the Philippines, Colombia, Ecuador, Zambia, Dominican Republic, Guatemala, Honduras, Mexico and the United States.

Emsisoft's cyber security analyst says that it is unclear what the target of the offenders is.
The Darkside group is new and probably works with other groups.

To pay BTC to the foundation, cybercriminals have used the U.S. service The Giving Block, which is used by 67 different non-profit organizations around the world, including Save The Children, Rainforest Foundation and She's The First.

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Some gesture in a strange way! Still that's stealing though.