Open your eyes! Steals your hive?!

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Aauuu! The pain in my ass is! But your wallet Hive is smaller!!! Laugh! @nathanmars do you really believe the price increase of hive seeing such crap?! @theycallmedan a lot of people are watching and listening to you. Good screenshot? @taskmaster4450 Is this not an exaggeration? @hivewatcher you wrote to write more words in a post. Did you seriously say that? @mmmmkkkk311 You like a circus on wheels. @bowess are you serious vote this shit??

@acidyo really curator @ocd ?? What's going on here ?? My ass hurts !!! I speak it openly and honestly, but you give such an example that the hive token will sink like the Titanic. Twitter, reddit and other sites will be red from news of what's going on here. Blockchain newspapers will find out about your negative attitude.

I hope for a constructive comment. We will check if the HIVE community is real or sitting like a mouse.


Kilka slow do mojej spolecznosci. Brak mi slow na to co widze i jak ta osoba niszczy rozne community. Nie ma porozumienia na zywca wkleja jakis screen co zarabia 80$. Byc moze niektorych smieszy moj bol dupy ale niestety zawsze powiem szczere slowa. Hive tonie jak Titanic?! Nie zgadzam sie z takim podejsciem do spolecznosci bo zarobek z posta pewnie z triala wyszlo. Dla mnie to szczyt bezszczelnosci do ludzi ktorzy wkladaja duzo pracy tutaj i czas. Wiem ze boicie sie komentowania takich postow i rozumiem. Mysle ze takie zachowania ludzi jak @acidyo wyplyna w swiat lada dzien. Hive stopnieje jak snieg a wasze marzenia o zdecentralizowanej platformie znikna.


Would think someone who constantly enjoys 50% tax to be smarter.



Big Brother is watching you


Thank you for mention bro.

Our community have been unlucky in the last 5 years because of main events like Dan Larimer leaving Steemit to create Steemit 2.0 then Ned Scott’s failure with SMT during 3 years of crypto bear market then steem hostile takeover.

My top priority this year to bring right investors and right partnerships to HIVE, so we can grow hive network by 10X


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Ja robiłem to samo, kilka razy. Niewiele to pomaga, myślę że cenę HBD uda się obniżyć dopiero po hardforku

We ain't going to moon if we got plagiarists just apologising and causing trouble. :)