Bill Waiting To Be Passed That Would Legalize Using CBD In Supplements

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CBD is a lot different than THC and other cannabinoids, it doesn't impair individuals in the same way that you might expect THC to. That is because CBD doesn't contain THC and isn't going to provide the same high.

Already over the last 10 years we have watched CBD make its way into dozens of different markets, being found in lotions, food, shampoos, and much more. Soon we might also see CBD in the dietary supplement market if a new bill gets passed that would make those changes.

The FDA has previously taken the stance that CBD foods or dietary supplements are unlawful, despite edible markets propping up across the country, along with demand for other CBD products.

Along the way to building that industry though, authorities have raided one shop or another and cracked down on those CBD food markets and other CBD products.

Currently they exclude THC and CBD from the definition of dietary supplements, and the new bill known as HR 8179 would make changes so that hemp and hemp-derived CBD could be used as a potential dietary ingredient that could be included in supplements on the market.

It looks like the bill might receive bipartisan support and there is hope that it might see passage so that these changes could be made.

“While everyone is familiar these days with CBD, most members of Congress and their staffs are not familiar with all the nuances, what the FDA has done, what the FDA hasn’t done,.... It’s been a real educational process, which makes the fact that we have 30 co-sponsors such a big deal. To take initiative is so complex and so nuanced.” - J Miller, general counsel for U.S. Hemp Roundtable

Right now the bill is pending, while lawmakers focus on other issues like stimulus issues and more, and it is expected that starting at the beginning of next year they will resume discussions on this matter once again.

Today the dietary supplement market in the U.S. alone is worth some $40 bill and expected to reach $56.7 billion or more within the next few years.

If CBD makes its way into the supplement market then that could mean massive growth for the CBD industry which is already growing significantly around the U.S. over the last decade.



I also imagine most milgrams listed on products is way off as well! Don’t see how it would be different then atHC products. Can’t wait to get a good CBD strain to grow myself.

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with no THC? or what?

I would like to find a 4:1 ratio, but a no thc strain would be ok. It is for my wife. She does 1-2 mg thc Max, on a dose lol

that is crazy low, has she tried more and just didn't like it? I still prefer to get my CBD from the oil or edibles, or vapes, but ive seen packs of just cbd smokes and wouldn't mind trying some being an ex smoker lol😅

Yeah it is crazy lol. She be getting stoned off that amount. But she hates to fell stoned.