3400000 UFM Burned and profitable UFMBOT

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UFM Burn

We mentioned before launch that we would burn 3.4 Million UFM if it didn't get sold by a certain time. That time has now past. @null now has over 3.4 million UFM in it's balance, effectively burning that UFM.


Now the easiest way to get UFM is either by posting #upfundme content, or by buying miners. Price is still low on the market for UFM, but there isn't much UFM available liquid anymore. It will be up to miners, content creators and those receiving curation rewards to decide sell prices of UFM.

Profitable UFMBOT

@ufmbot is currently profitable, costing roughly 5 cents for a 13 cent upvote (plus extra UFM for #upfundme posts). @ufmbot also burns it's income reducing supply of UFM.

Send up to 25 UFM to @ufmbot with the steemit post you want upvoted as the memo. Please wait at least 15 minutes from post creation and check @ufmbot's current upvote value on steempeak before sending your upvote request.

Through some trading, we are halfway to our requirement (in ENG) to upgrade @ufmbot to a fully functioning bid bot. This will bring many improvements like refunds and having the cost reflect on current UFM value in the market.

!UFM Command

With a few minor changes to how we run distribubot, we were able to make it more stable and avoid crashes. It has been running for days without a single crash. The program even kept running when we had our last chain crash and was working correctly as soon as steem was.

The UpFundMe tribe is supported (in part) by TaskManager Promotion Service and also the witness @untersatz. Click here to upvote this witness.


Wow, 3.4 million burned? That's amazing! !UFM

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Yeah getting that big burn in made a large difference in supply. !UFM 10

You have received UFM in your wallet!
You can use UFM for posting and curating content on https://upfund.me or to get a vote from @ufmbot.

Wow, well done.
I just bought an UFMM, do i have to stake it to earn UFM?

No, staking is not yet required to earn UFM, but will be in the future.

So i will be receiving UFM daily. Thanks for info :)


Congratulations @cloudblade, you are successfuly trended the post that shared by @upfundme!
@upfundme got 6 TRDO & @cloudblade got 4 TRDO!

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You have received UFM in your wallet!
You can use UFM for posting and curating content on https://upfund.me or to get a vote from @ufmbot.

Burned 3,400,000 Upmefunds, Good news for the whole community. I'm waiting in line for the steem-engine market by buying some steams.

Extraordinary step of your team

Hi, @upfundme!

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I sent 25 UFM to @ufmbot at 13:00 ET to receive an upvote on: https://steemit.com/steemsilvergold/@ronaldoavelino/543-the-shoebill-stork
It is now 13:21 ET and I did not receive it yet.
Could you tell me what happened?


Post max age of 6 days, bot logs say it was over max age. Only new details were mentioned about @ufmbot. You have been refunded.

i there, i made my first crowfunding, you guys had a discord server? i need to spread with every steemian i can, i need serious help to afford that, thank you for creating this tag. <3.

A discord server was just set up, but is currently empty. You (and anyone else) can join here.

Wow, that's an impressively large burn @upfundme! That can only be good for the community, and for the token. I hope more people take this up as a way to legitimately raise finds for causes or something they are into... it would be sad if UFM turned into "just another tag" people put in their posts to earn a few fractions of a token *they don't even know what's about."

Anyway, keep up the good work, and bright blessings!

I sent 25 UFM to @ufmbot at 10:27 ET to receive an upvote on: https://steemit.com/pt/@ronaldoavelino/463-moedas-comemorativas-canadenses-parte-16
It is now 11:41 ET and I did not receive it yet.
Could you tell me what happened?

Hurricane Dorian happened. Utility services and internet across my province was knocked out, however I am checking logs and correcting any missed votes shortly.