City on the water. Canals of Vilkovo

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There are many islands at the mouth of the Danube. Curious tourists come to see or admire the flora and fauna. Fishing lovers go fishing. You can get to the islands only bIt impresses me!y boat, and only with a local guide.

Earlier, I already told you about my summer trip to the Danube Delta Biosphere Reserve.The Danube Delta is the second largest river delta in Europe. Most of the Danube Delta is located in Romania, and a small part in Ukraine (Odesa Oblast).The most full-flowing is the Kiliysky sleeve. Along it runs the modern state border between Ukraine and Romania.

So, here, in the Ukrainian part of the Danube Delta, the town of Vilkovo is located. This is the last settlement on the Danube coast. We visited him.

A bit of the history of the town.

At the time of its foundation in 1746, the village of Lipovanskoye, was located in close proximity to the Black Sea. The status of the city has been since 1762. Due to the constant extension of the Danube Delta, the distance from the city to the sea along the Ochakovsky Channel is more than 6 kilometers.

In the mid-18th century, Old Believers fled from persecution, and the Cossacks fled after the dissolution of the Sich. They settled in the Danube Delta, on the outskirts of the Ottoman Empire. So the Lipovansky village appeared, later the name Vilkovo. The Old Believers lived apart, kept their traditions, and abandoned civilization. The two worlds lived separately for centuries.

Vilkovo is a small town. The population of the town is about 6000 people. In the city there is practically no entertainment either for young people or for the older generation.

Vilkovo is unique for its people and their way of life on Danube water.

These are houses without a foundation, built from willow, reeds and silt.

city streets

Seashells sprinkled around the perimeter outside the house.

Seashells sprinkled around the perimeter outside the house.

But, the nature surrounding the city of Vilkovo attracts creative people. Into the bosom of nature, for inspiration!

We took a walk through the local streets. Yes, it looks, at least, unusual and atypical. We had to walk along small wooden paths. Go back and forth on small bridges.

Here it is Vilkovo, a real one with many large and small channels. The city itself is quite contrasting. Conditionally divided into several parts and has several main streets - both on the shore and on the water.

Home-made wooden masonry permeates his old part of the town.

Walking along the bridges, you can go into a dead end or wander straight to someone in the yard.

It's a street

This is someone's front garden.

The channels on which the settlement arose are called Erik. In the spring they are being cleaned


On the street where canals (Ericki), residents are guided by the number of the house on either side. This makes any navigation impossible. However, in reality this is not critical, because the city is small.

I will show you a boat trip.

On the wide canal streets, locals move mainly in motor boats. For boats, the speed limit in the city is not more than 20 km / h.

Next, a boat tour on the streets-channels (Erik)

When you sail in a boat in a canal, the illusion arises that you are in the jungle.

Wild irises bloomed.

Under the bridge

The most interesting begins already where the powerful Danube is visible.


 big ship

We are on a small boat, and that's a big ship.

It impresses me!

There is some kind of bird among the trees.

We were heading to the islands ....

See you later😉


Original photos by @leylar

Thanks for your time and Your attention.

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Hello, what is more interesting and rustic town.

I like the pictures of the river with the boats.

The bird is a cormorant, we also have it in the great diver and fisherman river.

I liked to walk with you through that beautiful place

Happy day

what a beautiful photo of the natural scenery of water birds and water huts, just beautiful everything.
We love your photos

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Thanks for the tour of this interesting area and for the info and great photos

Thanks for joining Wednesday Walk :)

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Beautiful series felt like I myself was there present. Lovely pictures and beautiful nature :)

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И, правда, как будто находишься в джунглях :-)

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