The Places in Russia Where No Tourist Goes

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Who needs Private TV Channels? With such great content being made by regular people, I hardly turn on my TV anymore.

In fact, I only have TV because in most parts of this country, it's a package deal. You either get TV + Phone + Internet... or you get nothing at all. Yeah, it's a rip-off but a fully legalised one, so there's no one you can complain to. But that's not the point of this post, so let's move on.


I keep finding fantastic content in YouTube and the channel Bald and Corrupt is one of my favourite. This English fellow has been traveling all around Eastern Europe, showing us the places where virtually no tourist goes.

This time he lands on Murygino (Мурыгино), a small town in the Kirov Oblast (Кировская область) with less than 10000 people, and shows you around town, including a visit to the local library, where no kids are allowed unless accompanied by their parents because "they have no passport." 🤔


Image Source: Google Maps

Check out the whole video, it's well worth your time. The guy is pretty funny, too, as you can see by his answer at the hotel in Kirov (Киров) - where he stayed before taking a bus to Murygino (Мурыгино).

− Hotel Woman: Do you smoke?
− His Answer: No. Only heroin.

🤣 🤣 🤣

His chat with the taxi driver from Azerbaijan is also an insightful one, as the old man tells how things have completely felt apart after the Soviet Union collapsed and that nowadays, taking apart a handful places in Russia, most of the country has become very dirty, full of rubbish.

In the past - he says - it was all very clean...

I have heard this before. In some ways, it seems that the old Soviet Regime took better care of its citizens than the current Russian Government. This is an opinion I have heard a few times, when I visited Moldova.

It's interesting how politics works... it seems that we can never have it all.

Either we have a clean and organised country, where everything is well maintained, from the capital to the smallest town... but where freedom is very restricted, specially freedom of speech.

Or we can have freedom - but at what cost? In the same deal, we also get a dirty and disorganised country because the politicians spend next to nothing fixing up things in the smallest towns and rural areas... It seems to be expected from us citizens not only to pay taxes, but to also come together and do the work to clean the town ourselves, organise public transportation and do more tasks that we should get in return for those taxes, to begin with.

Is there a future for us, where we get to live in freedom but also get a return for our taxes? I can only dream.

I hope you enjoyed this as much as I did. If you want to subscribe to his channel to see other interesting places, here's the link: YouTube - Bald and Corrupt

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I am also very inspired with this guys presentation of his voyages & thank you for sharing this cause I'm now on a similar trip / quest & this is an input how to make my reports more approachable!

I'm glad you liked. I think he takes a few unnecessary risks but so far, he's alive to tell the story.

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wow! very interesting. What a world we are living in!

It sure is... and I've heard that some !DERANGED Russians don't drink !BEER at all. Only Vodka.

Thanks for your visit.

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This is so surprising. I can hardly believe at this 21st century, there are still places where touristd are restricted to go.
Requesting a passport for a kid to access a library? Hmm.

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No, the tourists are not restricted to go. It's just that these places are not touristic destinations.

Yes, that was a strange thing. I never needed a passport to enter any library.

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TV-zombie box

Kirov is my regional center. :)

There are some inaccuracies about the "library" in Murygino.
This building is the Palace of Culture. And inside it is organized library.

About cleanliness in cities-this is a controversial issue. What was before and what is now. Many people yearn for the Soviet times, it was their youth. They think that now everything is bad, and then everything was very good. This is self-deception!

I was in Rome recently. They don't sweep the streets at all.
But in Barcelona it was very clean!

Thanks for adding that information. 👌
Strange to see that Barcelona is being cleaned up... the Spanish Government is as bankrupt as the Italian or the Portuguese one. 🤣

By the way, about the library. It said it was an adult library. There is also a children's library.
There are also libraries in schools.

Ah, that makes sense. It seems that many things in his videos are lost in translation! 🙃

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Good video. Everything's destroyed and falling apart. Just like in most parts of Europe and America. You're right, the politicians only care about big cities. The rest of the countries are dying slowly.

Check out his other videos. It's so strange to see those parts of Eastern Europe.

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I prefer the freedom side of the slider, but I'd also like some agency in where my taxes go (say, to some like better roads and cleaner streets, and not frivolous and ultimately abandoned projects). Either way, having the freedom to even write the above sentence makes me happier than bad roads.

I'll be checking out that youtube channel later. Thanks for the tip, comrade.

You're welcome. He has some pretty cool videos, if you enjoy this sort of thing.

Thanks for your visit. Here's a nice cup of !DERANGED !BEER for you.

Drink up, me 'earties!

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