Sint Maarten is open for air traffic from the US again

in #travel3 months ago

Maybe not such interesting news for you if you do not have any intentions of going to the Caribbean any time soon, but Sint Maarten has a special place in my heart because I lived there for a while and so I just want to inform a bit on the current situation.

As of August 1st the boarders from incoming air traffic are open again to US citizens!!


Today two flights were flown in to the island which is eager to have tourism because so many families' paychecks are dependent on it. So everybody will be super happy and helpfull to make everyones vacay as enjoyable as possible but there are some things you need to know.

You need to have a recent PCR Covid-19 test of the last 72 hours and a health check approval with you along with the immigration forms you normally will also get at Especially this PCR test is challenging to get, because 72 hours is short and the time to get the results back from your testing sometimes are long. No PCR test results = no entry. And that is a good thing. Virusses shouldn't be brought to the island.

Apart from virusses being brought to the island there are also a couple of local outbreaks going on amongst 49 proven patients at the moment. These are self quarantining and hopefully this will help stopping any further spreading. Most important thing is to always keep your distance and wear a mask where possible.


But the most important thing to know as a US citizen. Going to the French side of Sint Martin is a no go. The French have the borders closed for US people and are very much checking on this. So if you have your hotel here? Sorry dudes. Want to visit Orient Bay? Maybe next vacay. These are the current statusses of the rules and if you want to fly by, this is how the game is played.

So when you have all of these things in place and you are healthy, have your PCR results of not older than 72 hours and you are not having any symptoms? Have a blast, spend your money and sip on some margheritas on my behalf as well!


To be honest, ANY news of ANYbody travelling ANYwhere right now makes me happier and more hopeful!!! 😆 Thailand too, will be opening soon (not defined yet what that means) but only people from "approved countries" with Neg PCR and willing to retest on arrival, proof of 100,000 USD health insurance and travelling to a predetermined location (islands first - after that is proven to "work", extending to include Bangkok and Chiang Mai). Track&Trace app is mandatory. Locally most people think this will be in October.

Until then we are still 98% closed (only long term visa holders and Thai nationals etc, and with 2 weeks Q in govt facility at your own cost) and a lot of daydreaming.

Well, we're still fucked - locked down still, our state in a 'state of disaster'. But at least this gives me hope for some of the world... wouldn't it be nice to go to the Carribean!

Omg there's hope!

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