TokenBB - Basics and Package Signup

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TokenBB is gaining traction, with more and more people signing up and creating their own forums. To keep everything easy to understand, we will now present you with an overview of the setup process and the different available packages.

Initial Setup and Bronze Package

  • The initial forum setup with a basic theme and a custom subdomain will cost you 10 STEEM.

  • You will be able to assign multiple admins and moderators to make categories and ensure your community is going in the direction you want.

Note: While you can influence what users see through your TokenBB forum interface, moderators will not be able to hide comments on a blockchain level. Any moderation is cosmetic and restricted to TokenBB.

  • To pay for our server costs and ongoing customer support, the forum in the Bronze package will also give 10% beneficiaries to TokenBB. No further costs come with the Bronze package.

You need to start off with a Bronze freemium forum before you can upgrade to the premium feature set. Order your Bronze forum today!

Tribes: If you have subscribed to Tribes (Blog, Forum, Tube frontends), you will receive a Bronze level forum and will not need to pay the 10 STEEM registration fee, this fee serves only to limit spam forum creation.

Should you wish to distribute your Scotbot tokens you will need to upgrade to the Gold Package listed below.

Silver Package

The Silver package offers the same benefits as the Bronze package, plus:

  • A customizable domain for better branding (for example
  • Only 5% beneficiaries go to BuildTeam. The remaining 5% can be distributed however you want, with a limit of 4 recipients. Earn STEEM back through your forum!

Available subscriptions are:

  • $29 for 3 Months
  • $49 for 6 Months
  • $79 for 12 Months

Gold Package

The Gold package offers the same benefits as the Silver package, plus:

  • BuildTeam's beneficiary reward share is reduced to 2.5%, which gives you more 7.5% beneficiaries share to work with and split however you like
  • Logo and Theme of the forum can be customized
  • ScotBot is available to distribute tokens through the forum, Scotbot will also charge you ENG token burn and per user staking fees for this feature.

Available subscriptions are:

  • $89 for 3 Months
  • $149 for 6 Months
  • $249 for 12 Months

Platinum Package

The Platinum package offers the same benefits as the Gold package, plus:

  • BuildTeam's beneficiary share is reduced to 1%
  • The remaining 9% beneficiaries can also be given to the topic creator or removed completely
  • In addition to this you can exceed the 10% beneficiary rewards ceiling, for example, 15% overall if you wish.
  • Platinum package forums receive priority customer support

Available subscriptions are:

  • $199 for 3 Months
  • $329 for 6 Months
  • $499 for 12 Months

If you've subscribed for one of the Silver or Gold packages and want to upgrade to a higher package before your subscription is over, you can contact us and we will work something out.

We always strive to provide the best service possible, and fix issues as soon as we can. Feel free to contact our customer support through our Discord channel, whenever you have any questions or run into any problems.

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Love the idea, but I’m having trouble scrolling through the topics on! I’m on an iPhone X, is this a known issue?

Posted using Partiko iOS

Yes, we're working on fixing that. The problem doesn't exist on Android so we're trying to figure out where it comes from.

Look let me know when it’s fixed! Very exciting project.

Posted using Partiko iOS

We will make an announcement post on this blog when TokenBB is fully mobile responsive, so just keep an eye out!

Thank you for your patience, we're currently giving this bug top priority.

Congratulations @tokenbb!
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