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Keep It Simple Stupid. part 1.
How to make socialists think. (it's a hard job, but someone has to do it).

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Ha ! new home education vid's for the kids , nice ;-)

I try my best - part 2 might be interrupted with a steem/tron special!

Cool ! , blue neon accents everywhere ,... do i need to put myself in code on a text file for that experience ? ;-) think i've just scored an exclusive interview with ned, andrarchy and eli, before tomorrows meeting. (on the condition that I bring along some guitar strings, wear a misandry style t-shirt, and only talk in NLP speak)

Works fine, today.

cool, thanks for letting me know

normal service might be interrupted with steem/tron special lol

Nothing changes until the next hardfork.

Everything just has changed...

No turning back now.
Nothing changes until the next fork.'ve been mentioned in my latest new item! lol