Tutorial , original drawing with pencils, portrait

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original drawing with pencils, portrait

portrait of young girl with long hair

hello dear friends

here is another tutorial that i post on 3speak ! i have another portrait drawing this time ,young girl drawing with pencils

my portraits are original and i draw them at the moment, just start with eyes mostly and end up with hair ! you can watch the process of my drawing from 0 to 100% in the video !
i will share my daily drawing tutorials in my 3speak blog, i hope you like these videos

i use a pencil to draw this one . have fun and enjoy !




have a happy day !


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admiring a new original face from the hand of a growing artist, I love every line of art that you make those faces come from your imagination, have you ever studied the parts of the human face? I think I could not make one without a main structure ..

greetings friend 🤗

😊 thank you so much , i like to draw portraits

What a spectacular work. A truly beautiful portrait! Well done, @laya.saa.

thank you 😊

@laya.saa, You are really talented, In initial phases only this art piece started expressing and that shows the level of artistic magic you have. Stay blessed.

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😊 thank you so much ,
have a great day

Welcome and thank you so much.

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She's truly gorgeous :-)

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She's truly gorgeous :-)

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thank you so much 😊

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thank you