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RE: Remarkable Embroidery Tattoos Don't Look Like Tattoos At All

in #tattoos7 months ago

OUCH; looks worse than normal Tats; and those look nuts!

But I'll take the beasties, THEY would be good company!



Yeah I have no idea how they create these but they do look like they have more bulk! You ARE a beastie.

Shading allows 3D looks. Yuck!

Von came from Texas, so he will Never be 'normal', but I am civilizing him...slowly, LOL!


Yay Von! No wonder he's so dang smart!

All the Oklahoma based schooling is really beginning to show, LOL! :D

Actually, someone down there beat him badly as a puppy. That is one Texan, I would Cripple if I could find him! He would have to crawl out of the dark alley when I was done. I might even let Von bite him....


Oh, I agree. That kind of person has no conscious and deserves a severe beating.

After I drovd down and got him, it took me a week to get him out of the carrier.

I try to be a tolerant Man, but that guy would get the beating of his life!


Sir Smithlabs! That's amazing. How did you find out about him down here?

I have been rescuing Dachshunds for years, I am on a number of sucker lists, LOL! We brought 3 dachshunds up from Texas over the years.