Remarkable Embroidery Tattoos Don't Look Like Tattoos At All

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Howdy folks and greetings from the Great Plains of North Texas!

To say that I'm behind the times and old fashioned is an understatement. I'm rather prehistoric. I didn't get a cell phone until last year. And I'm not sure where it is.

And usually when I find a trend I like I'm so far behind finding out about it that it's already out of fashion. But I think this one is still early in it's development.

I'm talking about the unique way of crafting tattoos to make them look like they've been stitched onto the skin. Embroidery tattoos. It's an incredible look to an ancient art form. Actually it combines the look of two ancient art forms, tattooing and needlepoint.

Let me show you a few examples:


Is that awesome artistry or what? They fool your eyes. Here's another with a beautiful vintage look to it:


This one makes a bold, rich, statement!


This one is astounding. It has an incredible 3D effect and look at those thick, black stitches that look like threads.


Here's Goofy. lol.


I bet this one gets alot of attention:


Most of these appear to be much richer in color than regular tats.


Another excellent one, they did a great of putting some shadows in so it looks like a patch sitting on the skin:


I love this monogram one. No way that looks like a tattoo!


This is another classic design that has a vintage look:


Some artists use a cross-stitch design simply made up of tiny x's of different colors:


Here's a beauty:


I think this type of tat will change alot of people's minds about getting one! I'm thinking of a Homer Simpson one eating donuts for myself!


Thanks for stopping by folks, God bless you all!

PS- Check this out sir @krazzytrukker and all the other cat lovers out there..the great Jason Momoa is a fellow cat lover. Look at his Esquire cover:


He loves cats and dogs and is a big animal welfare advocate.


Here with his two dogs:


Generally I don't give a flip about Hollywood so-called "Stars" but when they are very down to earth and don't think of themselves as anything special and they work to help others...then that's something else. That's why I called him great.





Those tattoos must have caused a lot of pain while under construction!!

Cats and dogs looking very happy!

Oh that's right, you are another cat lover sir kaminchan! Do you have any dogs? Cats are much easier to take care of and they are cool too.

Oh! No dogs! Only adopting stray cats by necessity!

Howdy today sir kaminchan! I understand and that is a wonderful thing to do!

Hi Cowboy. I thought the tattoos looked kind of bulky but a small one would probably be alright -like the rose one.

Momoa has two nice dogs. Glad he is an animal advocate.

Howdy redheadpei! That means you won't be getting any unless it's the rose style? lol..I agree. I'd like to see one in person but at the rate I get out into the public that will probably never happen!
Momoa is a great guy from everything I've read.

OUCH; looks worse than normal Tats; and those look nuts!

But I'll take the beasties, THEY would be good company!


Yeah I have no idea how they create these but they do look like they have more bulk! You ARE a beastie.

Shading allows 3D looks. Yuck!

Von came from Texas, so he will Never be 'normal', but I am civilizing him...slowly, LOL!


Yay Von! No wonder he's so dang smart!

All the Oklahoma based schooling is really beginning to show, LOL! :D

Actually, someone down there beat him badly as a puppy. That is one Texan, I would Cripple if I could find him! He would have to crawl out of the dark alley when I was done. I might even let Von bite him....


Oh, I agree. That kind of person has no conscious and deserves a severe beating.

After I drovd down and got him, it took me a week to get him out of the carrier.

I try to be a tolerant Man, but that guy would get the beating of his life!


Sir Smithlabs! That's amazing. How did you find out about him down here?

Wow! That is really cool. I like that idea. Amazing. Takes a lot of talent and patience to do that right I bet.

Howdy today squirrelbait! Don't those have an interesting look? I think they would be more appealing than regular tattoos, especially for women. I'd like to see one in person and feel it to see if it's thicker like it looks.

Yep..... Norman "Daryll" Reedus from Walking Dead too.....

lol..that's a great story sir krazzytrukker! I love that. You still at home, in other words, Leisure Man? lol.

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Howdy there steemitboard and thank you for keeping so many stats!

well that no doubt takes a lot of talent to accomplish but i find it all quite creepy when it really does look like it is stitched into the skin :)

Yes if you think of it as being stitched onto the skin it's pretty brutal! Makes me wonder how they do it, it looks more painful than the regular style!

What will they think of next? They do not look like tattoo's and they look like they would be more painful then the regular ones. I still can't imagine having one. I am antiquated just like you Jonboy. LOL! And I feel the same way about "stars" but when they help animals, that makes me like them.

Howdy again Butterfly and I agree about the tattoos. I'd like to see that type in person and be able to feel one. Most so-called stars are so messed up but Momoa seems very grounded and down to earth.

Hey janton, don't forget to show us your tattoo of Homer Simpson when you get it done.
They are amazing tattoos, real art work. I have not seen this kind of tattoo yet.

I haven't either but our part of Texas is not a popular spot for tattoos. The first thing we noticed when we moved here is that no one had them! Everyone in Ohio did. We don't have any and probably never will.

Omg that looks great but must have hurt alot. You have a great weekend 🙏

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Howdy clitadias and I agree but I think tattoo enthusiasts would do anything for a great looking tattoo!


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