Tribes Conquer SteemWorld! :)

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If someone reads the title above and has no idea what I'm talking about, they might expect maybe SteemWorld natives have put up a good fight before they were conquered!

Wrong! Tribes were actually "invited in" by the rules of the realm and will soon have the same rights as the natives (i.e. STEEM).

I hope you enjoyed the opening metaphors, but it would be complicated to follow if I continue like that.

So, let's put on the reporter's hat and see what's new and exciting in the SteemWorld's land.

Opening SteemWorld to Steem-Engine tribes and tokens, as well as to the upcoming SMTs, is something many of us have been waiting for patiently, but also with anticipation.

It isn't a quick fix to change SteemWorld to support multiple tokens, since it was coded initially for one token - STEEM, as far as I understood, so there are extensive and progressive changes that need to be adapted, in order for SteemWorld to completely support tokens, both S-E and SMT. But the first steps have been made.

Now you can easily check out all your SE Tokens and their amounts (balance, staked or rewards) from Balances -> SE Tokens. If you click one of the token names, that token is selected and information referring to it instead of STEEM is displayed throughout SteemWorld, where the changes to support tokens were made already.

In the image below, I've selected PAL as the "current" token. You can do that from the SE Tokens page described above, or from the dropdown menu at the top-right of the section, which will be displayed on every page.

One of the interesting parts about checking out tokens on SteemWorld so far, is that you have an estimated value of your account in USD and EUR, and that includes both liquid balance and staked/unstaking balances.

On Steem-Engine, you have the estimated value of the liquid balance, because that is what is tradable, and S-E is a DEX. But you don't have the estimated value of your entire token holdings, unless you manually calculate it.

See how it says the estimated value is $0.00 in Steem-Engine for my PAL holdings (actually for my liquid PAL, which is practically zero)? Well, on SteemWorld you can see the estimated account value, including the stake (which is mostly delegated in my case for PAL), is a little over $29. Now I can see how much each token stake is worth, without manually calculating it.

Among the immediate developments that will be included to SteemWorld, the fact that one would be able to claim all tokens with one click of a button seems an addition that will be greatly appreciated, even if there is already a script available right now to automatically claim rewards for manually approved accounts.

The other useful addition is a total token portfolio estimated value, which with all these tokens and the high volatility can be an easy algorithm, but a valuable helper to replace manual operations.

Here's the full update post of steemchiller:

Now that the process of integration of tokens into SteemWorld has begun, I expect tokens will slowly but surely become just as common as STEEM across the ecosystem, because that was one big missing part: complete tools for tokens.

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this is such a useful article, thanks for doing it. I actually noticed the balance button on steemworld the other day but didn't realize you could check your tokens there. I think having it handy will change the way I approach things on steem-engine. I'm doing some airdrop consilidating and buying lifestyle token. Hope it's the right move lol

Thank you, I appreciate it!

Well, I've seen steemchiller's update first, so I can't take the credit of discovering it by myself, although occasionally I do find out about new features before they are officially announced.

About choices of tokens to stake and build up on, I guess we're all new to this and hopeful. If niches from the rest of the internet keep proportions on Steem, then lifestyle will be a big one.

But management plays a role, potential competition etc. So, as always, early adopters have a chance of high rewards, but also with a high risk.

I totally agree. I take the risk on tribes that I feel like I can post in and be active. I've staked Leo but I rarely post because I'm not an expert in investing.

Oh awesome!

I am fairly certain that no other tool has been as valuable in helping me run my steem business as steemworld. To see some of the universal tribes included in the data is awesome. As things evolve, it would be nice to have the ability to choose the tokens you can view here.

With the SMTs eventually coming, that will throw another curveball in our direction no doubt. If you can use the steemengine tokens as a way to test and add functionality, you will be ready for those when they arrive.

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As things evolve, it would be nice to have the ability to choose the tokens you can view here.

You mean programatically? Or as a user? Because as a user it's pretty straight forward as it is, and you have the ability to choose the current token, all while in the SE tokens are listed only those tokens without zero balance (staked or liquid), making it easier to choose a token as the current one.

THIS is So cool to see image.png

i am gonna go make a post right now on about giving away 20 free steem accounts with some free CTP staked tokens in them

That's a great idea! Every initiative that helps onboarding is great. Hopefully the new accounts will go to family and friends, and not used as alts.

This is Golden! Thanks for bringing it to my attention!

You are welcome!

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Thanks for the article @gadrian! I didn't notice that this is already integrated into SteemWorld... Awesome update and very helpful!

You're welcome PH! Glad I could help.

I will need check that tonight, a good addon!

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I thought so too, and certainly something that leverages more the newly discovered tribes (and when they'll be here, SMTs+communities).

How amazing, thanks for the information.

Yup, I'm sure this development will help many folks!

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Great work @steemchiller

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Yes, he's doing a great job indeed!

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Great article. What keeps bothering me is how tjis tribe will react after the lauch of smt

Yeah, we will have to see. They both have their place, but it's inevitable that there will also be some competition between SCOT and SMT.