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RE: STEEMPEAK SETTINGS Pt1 - "General Settings"

in #steempeak2 years ago

i have the question. I wanna post on my blog everyday but i can not. can you help me ???


you'll need to slowly earn or quickly buy some steempower.

Ah is that what he's asking... because he had 92% RC when i checked his message.

I am not that sure ;)
but Rep of 25 and no SP sounds like it...

thank you for reply. I think that's necessary way right now to post more in the future

i have the other account. But i have difficult i can not comment to anyone help me because not enough STEEM POWER. I should create the new account to question. I thank you reply again. I put link my account below.

You'll need to explain more... is this questiona motivation thing or a technical question?

thank you reply. I wanna only know if i dont many upvote, how long can I post new ?